Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Convicted

Convicted by Dee Tenorio

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Convicted is one of the sexiest suspense novels I’ve read in quite a while. It’s mysterious, hot and funny at the same time, while the story is unpredictable and the characters are just magnificent.

Katrina is a fierce, strong and kickass woman. She is highly intelligent, but she’s also very funny. She’s loyal and has such a big heart. In fact, I loved everything about her character so much that I hope I could be like her. Her stubbornness, her “rage issues” , her sensitivity and her sense of right and wrong are just some of her attributes that you will absolutely adore while reading the book.

Cade is such a sad and angry soul in the beginning of the book. He still suffers from the war and its effects, despite the fact that he does everything possible to ignore his pain. Like any other military man, he believes he’s got it under control and that he is ok with being lonely and intimidating. He doesn’t care anymore. Katrina changes that. One day, he is annoyed by her unyielding insistence to talk to him and the next, he has a nickname for her and cannot wait until he sees her again

The story is very well written and the events flow elegantly and effortlessly. The characters are pure masterpieces. Both Katrina and Cade are amazing as individuals and as a couple. They’re both very kickass, but they are also different from each other. They compliment each other. When Cade is rough around the edges, Katrina is there with her smile and witty comments to bring him back to the playful and lively side of life. And when Katrina is in trouble, Cade is there to be her rock, to support, protect and defend her without a moment’s hesitation.

The beginning is intriguing, while the ending is explosive - literally and metaphorically speaking - . You can’t help but love it!

I consider Convicted as one of my favorite books and I strongly recommend it to any fan of Romance, Suspense and Adventure and Crime Solving and Sexy Romance.

Dee Tenorio, very well done!!

5 Golden Stars go to Convicted!!

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