Monday, September 21, 2015


Once Upon a Power PlayOnce Upon a Power Play by Jennifer Bonds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a spectacular book this was!!

It’s funny, sexy, sweet, etc. It makes your heart beat faster and at the same time, laugh like there is no tomorrow!

There are so many things I loved about this book!

First of all, I haven’t read a better beginning of a novel in a very long time. It just draws your attention like nothing else matters other than this book. The suspense, the humor, the banter, oh my God…

Second of all, the characters...But most of all, their chemistry. They push each other’s limits, they challenge each other, they bring the better version of themselves when they’re together. It was amazing!

I seriously and honestly adored their relationship and its evolution.

Chloe didn’t want a commitment for various reasons, and I can’t say that I blame her based on what she had to face. But Ryan decided he wanted more. And here comes the part I really, really liked. There was no macho, overbearing “I say we’re together, the girl accepts it, and game over”. They had a conversation -brief- and Ryan simply spoke the truth, his truth. And Chloe accepted it, because she accepted him, them together. They showed emotion and maturity that I don’t see very often. Their relationship evolved so realistically, so beautifully, so effortlessly that it made the book so much greater.

This book is about a true, real romance born in fairytale world and raised in the real one.

There is nothing I would change, nothing more I could have wished for. In fact, it surpassed any expectations I had about this.

I strongly recommend this book. Humor. Romance. Heat. Drama. Betrayal. Emotion. Once upon a Power Play has it all, and I feel very proud to present you this amazing novel.

Once upon a Power Play by Jennifer Bonds receives 5 Amazing Stars, because it is fantastic and truly magnificent!!

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The book is currently available for Pre-Order on Amazon!!
I received it as an ARC from the publisher!

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