Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review: Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction
Eve of Destruction by S.J. Day

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my...What a book...The triangle is on fire!!!...
I really enjoyed Eve and Reed..I really like them together..He loosens her up and she grounds him and makes him feel...Alec took a hell of a turn in this book,not to mention the ending which left with a huge WTF?...I enjoyed every turn in the storyline...the questions..Eve's progress..She is really brilliant and a natural Mark,but I like the fact she doesn't see it from the beginning.However,in the next book,after some hunts I assume and expect she will gain confidence and that will be an awesome thing to see.
Something tells me that she will end up with Cain but I can't help but hope for my guy...
But the real question is..Is Eve so valuable just because Cain loves her?Or is there much more to her than that??..Both satan and Raquel are really really focused on using her but to do what?..Personally,I don't think it's just her relationship with Cain or Reed for that matter..
There is something else about Eve..Hope I'm right..

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