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If you wish to email or message me, please type a precise subject line.For example, Subject: Review Request-Author's name-Book Title or Editing-Author's name-Book Title .

In any case, I would appreciate it if you could provide me initially with :

  • Book Title : If it's part of a series,please write it down,as well.
  • Genre
  • Synopsis : The text, the Goodreads Link or the Amazon Link.
  • Release Date : If it hasn't been released yet,please mention that it's an ARC!!
For Editorial Services, Event Organizing and Personal Assistance, please visit Mia's Author Services at .


  1. My Review

  2. After providing me with your book(s), I will be posting My Review on my social media links, as well as Amazon, B&N and Smashwords. If you want me to post My Review on a specific date, please let me know.

  3. Full Review Post / Blog Tour Post

    The Blog Tour Post includes My Review, Synopsis, Author bio,Social and Buy Links, as well as Extras. The Extras may be Excerpt(s),Teaser(s), Q&A, author or/and character interview, Playlist, Fun Facts, a Top 10 List or DreamCast.

  4. Feature

  5. For a Cover (Re-) Reveal or a Book Blitz, all I need is a date and the Info Package!!

  6. Promo Post

  7. If you wish me to promote your (upcoming or published) book(s) and share any news about your upcoming releases/parties/giveaways or sale on your already published work, you should message me on my Facebook Page .

  8. Author's Day

  9. Author's Day is an event about a whole day dedicated to one author. It includes a 24-hour posting about the author and her/his work on all social media sites (Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest...). It's a Blog Tour Post gradually updated throughout the day that has proven to be quite successful. A Giveaway is very welcome!

    For more information, you can visit About Author's Day !!

Interactive Teasers!

This fresh idea appears for the first time in the Book Blitz :: The Monster by Mandy Baker post here ..

I wanted to create something new, to show you something new..

Rather than only looking at/reading the teasers or only listening to the tour's playlist, now you can do both at the same time! The concept is to directly put you in the book's world and in the author's head..

You're not an outsider anymore, you are in the book...

You don't only get a glimpse of it, you get to live in it..for a little while..

For Editorial Services, Event Organizing and Personal Assistance, please visit Mia's Author Services at .


  1. Preferred Genres To Review are Romance/ Contemporary/ NA/ YA/ College/ Erotica/ Chick Lit/ Paranormal Romance/ Fantasy.
  2. Preferred Book Format is the mobi. However, I can also work with pdf and epub.
  3. An Info Package is required for a Promo Post. This includes Synopsis,Genre,Release Date,Author bio and Social Links, as well as the Book Cover. The Buy Links and the Full-Jacket are more than welcome! If you haven't created it yet, no worries! I will take care of it,as long as I'm informed ahead of posting!!
  4. If the book is not edited yet, please let me know.
  5. If you decide to organize a Giveaway regarding my post,please include my links on the raffle!!

Within a few days, you will receive my response to your request!As you can see on My Schedule , the blog is fully booked, which means I'm either reading your book or posting about it!So, please have a little patience!

If you're satisfied with my work, please feel free to spread the word about Mia's Point Of View!!

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