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Review: Taming His Tutor

Taming His Tutor
Taming His Tutor by Natalie Anderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Taming his Tutor is a beautiful and romantic book with many sexy scenes!! It shows the value of friendship, self-esteem and self-confidence, family, love and devotion.

Abbi the girl next door, who is loved by everyone. She is a good person, a good friend, but she didn’t have the best of luck regarding men. I think all of us have been through that! I really liked Abbi, because she seems so real. We can sympathize with her and we can see ourselves in her.I loved that about her! Many women have confidence issues, beautiful or not, smart or not.

Joe has suffered through the worst pain a child may face. Foster care. Abandonment. Things that lead to trust and confidence issues. Unlike Abbi, Joe hides his fears with meaningless sex and fun -as he calls it- and doesn’t realize what he is missing. Until our girl puts it right in front of him and leaves. You don’t know what you have until you lose it, right? We should say he doesn’t know what he WANTS, because he sees Abbi for who she is; a strong, smart, funny, beautiful woman who loves him for him.

Another fact that I loved about this book is that our characters do not change. They simply realize who they really are through each other. Joe realizes that being with Abbi is what he wants, but doesn’t really change himself. Our sweet Joe was always there. And Abbi realizes that with the right man, everything is possible!

The writing is beautiful, with elegant turns and twists and without any loopholes. Natalie Anderson has done a very good job with this book!!

It’s a sweet and sexy story about 2 characters that you will like, enjoy and connect with!!

So, 4 Gorgeous Stars go to Taming his Tutor!!

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BBlitz-D copy
A New Adult/College Contemporary Romance
Angela McPherson


Aside from the normal changes in her life, college junior, Elle Richards, can always count on her friendship with Tristan. The longing for him to love her back is something she keeps well hidden, even from herself. No matter how many miles apart they are, regular phone calls and texts keep them close…until the day everything changes.

Wide Receiver Tristan Daniels has a good thing going. Much to his, and every single woman’s surprise, he’s in a committed relationship. The possibility of going pro looks more than promising…until his spur of the moment transfer to a rival college is approved. 

Now, Tristan will be forced to be in the presence of the woman he’s secretly loved for as long as he can remember. Elle. 

Being away from one another was enough to keep Tristan and Elle distracted, but angst, confusion, and troubled secrets launches them into a breathless, heart pumping story you won’t want to miss! 

Recommended for ages 18+

My Review will be up within 2 days! Sorry for the delay! But, so far, the book is AMAZING!!

Buy Link:




Enter for a chance to win 2 eCopies of DISTRACTION and a $20 GC to Amazon


Born and currently residing in Midland, Texas, Angela shuffles three busy children (not including her husband) all over the place. She works in a busy pediatric doctor's office as a nurse during the day, and writes at night. She is addicted to coffee–who isn’t? And firmly believes chocolate can fix all–especially chocolate ice cream. She laughs a lot, often at herself and is willing to try anything once (she thinks). When Angela isn’t rushing kids around, working or writing, she’s reading. Other than life experience, Angela turns to a wide variety of music to help spark her creative juices. She loves to dance and sing, though her kids often beg her not to.

Social Links:

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A fun weekend at a friends wedding in Denver takes a bizarre twist for Anna Scott when her rental car is pulled over due to an "anonymous tip". In her dead body linked to warring crime families in Denver and New York. It should be easy for an innocent woman to be cleared for an innocent mix-up. But was it a mistake? The police aren't so sure, and neither is the crime boss who wants vengeance for his son-in-law's death. You see, Anna Scott didn't exist a couple of years ago, she knows way too much about criminal procedures and about talking to cops. Anna Scott has a secret, and this twist of fate could not only expose her, but place her and anyone close to her in danger.

Jake Griffin is playing a dangerous game. He's spent the last few months undercover in the Moretti crime family. Anna Scott is a big problem. Moretti assigns him to find out who she is, what she wants, and to kill her if she's a threat. Jake needs to keep his nose clean and focus on taking down Moretti, not a sexy woman who is a complete mystery. He can't stop thinking about her; her knowledge, her name, her dangerous associates, her fear, or the bone deep desire every time he sees her. Nick's at war with the whole world over one alluring, yet vulnerable woman, and he can't seem to stop taking dangerous chances where she's concerned. The most dangerous of all might be trusting her with the truth.

Pre-Order Links:

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Also available for pre-order on Apple.

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Review: Rules of Protection

Rules of Protection
Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rules of Protection is one of my favorites of all-time!! I adored it!! I loved every single little thing about it; from the first page to the last!

This book is indescribable! It really is outstanding!!

Rules of Protection is Alison Bliss’s debut and it’s also the first book of the Tangled in Texas series. Judging by the first book, the series will be scorching hot and amazingly written. It is always so beautiful to see such remarkable debuts and discover such incredible talent as Alison Bliss.

The story is excellent and the characters are beyond amazing! The writing is flawless and creates an intriguing and mysterious aura around the book’s story. The characters are perfect and very well developed to the point you love everyone in the book! I am not exaggerating; I loved every person in the book!

Everything is perfect!

Another amazing fact about this book is the number of characters it has. We met so many characters, who we loved or hated -because they wanted to kill our loved ones-. However, everyone blended so beautifully and effortlessly together. All the characters were extremely well developed, which is really remarkable judging by their number! The reader is never overwhelmed or annoyed. The more we read the more we ask for.

Apart from the story and the characters, another fact that plays a highly significant role in the book is the dialogues. And this book excelled at it, as well! The dialogues are amazing; fast, smart, funny, sexy. They are perfect! They feel real, they sound perfect! In fact, I always turned back few pages just to re-read most of the dialogues!

Emily and Jake’s chemistry is scorching hot. Not only they are outrageously attracted to each other, but they also challenge each other and their bantering is just..oh so perfect! It was like watching a tennis game! They push each other’s buttons, they bring each other to the edge and they enjoy it. As do we, as a matter of fact..

Rules of Protection is one of the best books of the year!! I loved it and I think even my kindle will get tired of me re-reading it!

So, 10 Huge Glamourous Stars go to Rules of Protection and Alison Bliss!!!!

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Review: Hard to Hold

Hard to Hold
Hard to Hold by Incy Black

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hard to Hold is an amazing, mysterious and sexy book, full of twists and unexpected turns.

Both Anna and Nick are still hurting over their divorce, but that doesn’t stop them from still loving each other and also making each other lives miserable. Both of them are very strong minded people, who do not back down from an argument; and that makes the situations quite spicy, fiery, explosive… Take your pick!

Anna has worked very hard to reach where she is now. She does not take no for an answer and stands on her own feet throughout the book. She is a very strong woman, who can take anything and anyone on. She fights for what she believes in and protects the ones she loves. She is a remarkable and admirable character that you can’t help but adore!

Nick has walls of a fortress. He doesn’t let them down for anyone, not even Anna. Actually, especially not Anna. Nick is a very strong, overprotective, fearless man! He is the one you can only wish to the stars to meet and hope that he is on your side! Otherwise, you are in trouble… But even though his fearless, he loves Anna so much that he is afraid to let her in, to let her get to know him..What he has done, what he is capable of doing..

The dialogues are smart, funny, fast and very umm hot at some points..Yep extremely hot..The dialogues and the story are amazing and amazingly written!!!

Hard to Hold is an outstanding book and a perfect first book in a book series! I loved it and I strongly recommend from the bottom of my heart!

So, Hard to Hold receives many stars more than 5!!

Hard to Forget (#2) is coming out in October! And it’s Jack’s story!

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Knocked Out Cover

Title: Knocked Out
Author: Ty Langston
Publication Date: August 26th, 2014


Fresh out of Grad School, Hayley Monroe gets the chance of a lifetime when her boss gives her the opportunity to produce and host a reality series on finding MMA’s “Next Great Hope”. 

Enter former MMA contender Evan Bates. His sudden re-appearance into the sport after a mysterious five year absence not only raises eyebrows, but also temps both in and out of the Octagon. 

Can Hayley keep everything in check? Or will she be Knocked Out?


Buy Links: Amazon / B&N / iTunes / Kobo

My Review:

Knocked Out is a short novel with sexy steamy scenes.

It shows the power of the parent-child bond. Evan gave up his dream for his little girl and never looked back. He never complained. He did it out of love.

Hayley is a beautiful, feisty and stubborn woman, who is also devoted to her friends and family.

The story was solid and original and the characters are nicely created. However, something didn’t go well.

Like I said the story WAS good. I can easily imagine it as a full-length novel. As a full-length novel, the characters would have been developed and we could see their journey. We would also be able to actually follow the story. I don’t understand why they didn’t give it a go for a full-length. It would have been really beautiful.

The story was too big to be written in just 80 pages. There were fast forwards that were never indicated or explained. When you want to jump some weeks or months, you show it somehow. That did not happen, unfortunately. It was hard for me to follow the timeline; thus making the reading quite frustrating.

In conclusion, the story was too good and too big to be written in just 80 pages. It deserves a full-length novel in order for it to show its beauty. Its very short length limited the story and the characters, while it undermined the story’s quality.

So, Knocked Out gets 3 Stars.


Dressed in a pair of black sweats and matching tank, she seemed underdressed as Evan wore only a pair of blue running shorts and sneakers. “Hey.” She shouted as she caught up to him. Annoyed, Evan took out one of his ear pods while he continued to run. “What is it?” he asked. “Just haven’t had a chance to talk to you; wanted to see how you were doing. We’ve never formally met. I’m Hayley.” “I know. Good to meet ya.” He told her. “So, do you usually run with contestants?” he asked. “Only the ones I want to get to know.” She could feel him looking at her. His blue eyes glimmered with devilish intent. “Well, this is a five mile run. Think you can hang, pretty girl?” he mocked. Her eyes grew wide as she watched his shirtless torso. His broad shoulders already had beads of sweat running down his arms and over his six pack abs. “I’ll keep up as best as I can.” she said on an exhale.

About Ty Langston:

Ty LangstonAs a child, multi-published author Ty Langston loved to read about dragons and knights so much that one day, her grandmother told her to "just write about them."
So she did.
From that day forward, she never left home without her pen, a notebook, and some kind of music playing in the background. Her love of reading expanded from fantasy into science fiction, and eventually into paranormal romance and erotica. She enjoys different works from George Martin, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, and Jackie Collins. But some of Ty's favorite writers are from the world of TV and film: namely, Tudors creator Michael Hirst, and the late John Hughes.  
Ty has a certificate in Broadcast Journalism along with a degree in Business Administration. She is single and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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Dare to Love ( Ian & Riley) #1

 When it comes to family, Ian Dare gives his all but in relationships he offers the bare minimum. Until one glimpse of sensual Riley Taylor arouses his dominant and protective instincts. He will do anything to possess her … and does. But any future with Riley must include him dealing his half-brother who is a constant reminder of the pain he’d rather forget. 

Riley Taylor believes herself immune to domineering men – until charismatic Ian Dare turns a simple kiss into an all out assault on her senses and she discovers she likes his brand of control in the bedroom. As their affair heats up, they soon realize they complete each other in ways neither imagined. But Riley’s past is closer than she cares to remember, and her struggles with Ian’s dominance might just cost her everything. (love story, contemporary romance, alpha heroes, beach reads, sports heroes, bad boys, billionaire)
Buy Links:  Amazon  |   B&N  |   iTunes

If I say that I love the book and the series, it would be an understatement!

Dare to Love is an amazing book and I loved every second of it! The story is intriguing and has excellent details, the characters are very well developed and actually quite amazing and the writing is just exceptional.

Let me tell you why I loved it so much. Ian is our typical alpha male, super rich, extremely sexy man who has few issues. Riley is our typical strong, beautiful, smart but not so rich,  funny young woman, who also has few issues. Their chemistry is explosive so we get to have many steamy scenes. It sounds like the oh-I-read-many-books-like-this-but-I-love-this-kind-of-book-anyway , right? Well Carly Phillips’s writing makes it more like the oh-my-freakin-God-Give-me-more-kind-of-book!!

The general, outer story may have been seen in other books. However, I can honestly say that Dare to Love is AMAZING and OUTRAGEOUSLY ADDICTIVE! I loved everything about it, the story, the characters, the writing, the dialogues, EVERYTHING! But the best part is that it’s so damn fun to read! You may like the book, you may love it, enjoy it, adore it...I have read many good books that I liked, loved, adored and enjoyed..

Dare to Love, though, takes the Prize of the Most Enjoyable Book!! It is incredible and highly addictive!

This books is perfect; thus no spoilers or teaser lines for you! Go Grab it Now! I cannot recommend it enough!!

I have no other words to describe it. It’s a MUST READ!!

So, Dare to Love receives Beyond 5 Stars!!


She let herself into her building, walked up one flight to her apartment, and was startled to find someone waiting outside her door. Even in the dimly lit hall, she recognized Ian Dare’s tall frame, dark hair, and handsome features. Excitement bubbled up inside her, followed by wariness.

“Finally,” he said, leading her to believe he’d been standing there awhile.

Dare to Desire ( Alex & Madison) #2

Quarterback Alex Dare, had it all -- an all-star football career and his choice of willing women -- until a severe injury forces him into early retirement. Social worker Madison Evans grew up in foster homes and knows what it means to have-not. She isn't impressed by Alex Dare’s wealth or charm. Not since she fell hard for him once before, only to discover she was just one of his too-easy conquests. 

This time around Madison refuses to succumb to Alex so easily. But Alex wants Madison. And if there is one thing Alex does well, it’s to get what he wants. Can he convince Madison to take a risk and dare to love?

Buy Links:  Amazon  |   B&N  |   iTunes

Another amazing novel from the Dare to Love Series!!

Its quality is equal to Dare to Love’s quality, but I think Dare to Love is my favorite...And though Dare to Desire is a stand-alone, I suggest you read the first book as well, because 1) You get the full picture and 2) Dare to Love is absolutely amazing!

Now, let’s go to Dare to Desire!

It’s remarkable and Carly Phillips’s ability to provide us with 2 consecutive-in-the-series exceptional books is astonishing!!!! I love that woman! Not kidding you..I love and admire her!!

What I loved the most about it is its timeline and pace. It starts with some kind of parallelism with the first book, with Carly describing through Alex and Madison how their relationship began and how it abruptly ended. We also get some details throughout the book. After their breakup, we move forward and see how they meet again and how both of them try not to repeat their previous mistakes, with one of them pulling and the other pushing. This timeline is different and doesn’t appear very often in books. Well Carly does it perfectly! I loved how different it is! And I loved how she uniquely connects the first with the second book. We move forward with all of the characters from both books, without any hurry but with class and humour.

Carly’s writing is impeccable as ever!!

It is HOT and FUNNY, but it also has DRAMA and TEARS. It shows that when you truly love someone, you fight for that person and you never stop fighting. It shows the significance of trust, love, patience, persistence and compromise!

The Dare to Love Series receives another 5 Star Medal!!!! It is outrageously good!

Dare to Desire is unique and outstanding! Another MUST READ from the amazing Carly Phillips!


“Alex, I believe you know Madison Evans.”

Blindsided — and his half brother knew it — Alex strode up to her.  He inhaled her familiar fruity scent, which only served as a reminder of the hot times he’d spent breathing her in as his cock moved inside her body. Her effect on him was potent, and even the most common expressions failed him.

“Alex,” she said, her cool tone bringing his head out of the desire-filled fog he’d found himself in.

“Hey, Angel,” he said, using the endearment he’d started calling her during their brief time together.  Another sign he’d had it bad, whether he’d wanted to admit it or not.

Her head whipped up, her eyes narrowing and settling on Ian.  “This won’t work.”  She turned to go. 
Dare to Surrender ( Gabe & Isabelle) #3


After ending a relationship to a cheating, domineering man, Isabelle Masters takes off in her leased Mercedes, only to be arrested for grand theft and hauled to a local police station. To her surprise, she is rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, a man she’s been attracted to for far too long. Gabe offers Isabelle freedom along with an invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible.

Although Gabe yearns to possess Isabelle, he knows all too well he must fight his primitive need to bind her to him, and instead help bring out the independent woman she yearns to become – or risk losing her for good.

A woman who needs to run her own life. A man who needs to exert control. Can she surrender to his erotic demands without losing her sense of self once more?

Buy Links:  Amazon  |   B&N  |   iTunes

Dare to Surrender is as extremely hot as it is heartwarmingly sweet.

Dare to Surrender takes us to Ian’s and Alex’s cousins, Gabe, Lucy and Decklan. It was a bit unexpected (the choice of Gabe as the next leading Dare character). But it did introduce Eden to us...In case you don’t remember, we met Gabe in the second book where Alex and Madison visited him at his club.

And here we are!

First of all, I’d like to let you know that Dare to Surrender has steamier scenes and the book may mention something like “kinky”, “BDSM”, “tied up”..There’s nothing too graphic, but it deviates from the first and second books’ type of sex scenes, if we can call them that. Kinky or not, Carly has delivered another book, full of sexy moments and even sexier scenes!

Other than that, this book’s story is in the same environment as the previous books from the series. The story is original, mysterious and suspenseful. The characters are intriguing and quite unpredictable! And not to mention Carly’s impeccable writing skills.

The story focused not only on the couple but also on both Gabe and Isabelle. We saw them connecting to each other and changing as a couple. We actually witnessed every step of their relationship; getting close to each other, creating their unison and finally getting their happily-ever-after. We saw every stage of their relationship and it was a lovely sight to be given. Their story is beautiful, romantic and little sad.

And that’s what I loved the most about this book. That we got to see everything. Carly’s writing shone once more!

Somewhere towards the ending, it seemed like few events occurred a bit rushed. And since Carly’s writing and the story were really exceptional up until that moment, the change in pace was more apparent than it would be if they weren’t as good as they really was.

And another thing...I LOVED THE EPILOGUE!!It was so different from any other and again, it was unpredictable..Those characters never ceased to amaze me, to be honest!

So, Dare to Surrender gets 4 Gorgeous Stars!!!

About the author:

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips N.Y. Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips has written over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels that today's readers identify with and enjoy. After a successful 15 year career with various New York publishing houses, Carly is making the leap to Indie author, with the goal of giving her readers more books at a faster pace at a better price. Her Serendipity books will still finish up in January/February 2014 via Berkley as planned. Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website. She's a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom. In addition, she's a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers.

Social Links:

 Website  |   Facebook  |   Twitter  |   Goodreads  |    Amazon

Upcoming Release: 

Dare to Submit ( Decklan & Amanda) #4

Decklan Dare knows about the unexpected loss of loved ones and for this reason, he values control in all areas of his life. 

Amanda Collins enjoys the freedom she finds in casual encounters without the emotional connection a relationship brings. 

They meet and their physical attraction is mutual but both experience feelings that could run deeper – if they drop their guard and let each other in. Decklan is first to trust, but when he discovers the secret Amanda’s been hiding, will he forgive? 

Or will he rebuild every wall before she has a chance to explain?

Release Date : Sept 8

Pre - Order Links:
 Amazon  |   iTunes

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