Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: Rules of Protection

Rules of Protection
Rules of Protection by Alison Bliss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rules of Protection is one of my favorites of all-time!! I adored it!! I loved every single little thing about it; from the first page to the last!

This book is indescribable! It really is outstanding!!

Rules of Protection is Alison Bliss’s debut and it’s also the first book of the Tangled in Texas series. Judging by the first book, the series will be scorching hot and amazingly written. It is always so beautiful to see such remarkable debuts and discover such incredible talent as Alison Bliss.

The story is excellent and the characters are beyond amazing! The writing is flawless and creates an intriguing and mysterious aura around the book’s story. The characters are perfect and very well developed to the point you love everyone in the book! I am not exaggerating; I loved every person in the book!

Everything is perfect!

Another amazing fact about this book is the number of characters it has. We met so many characters, who we loved or hated -because they wanted to kill our loved ones-. However, everyone blended so beautifully and effortlessly together. All the characters were extremely well developed, which is really remarkable judging by their number! The reader is never overwhelmed or annoyed. The more we read the more we ask for.

Apart from the story and the characters, another fact that plays a highly significant role in the book is the dialogues. And this book excelled at it, as well! The dialogues are amazing; fast, smart, funny, sexy. They are perfect! They feel real, they sound perfect! In fact, I always turned back few pages just to re-read most of the dialogues!

Emily and Jake’s chemistry is scorching hot. Not only they are outrageously attracted to each other, but they also challenge each other and their bantering is just..oh so perfect! It was like watching a tennis game! They push each other’s buttons, they bring each other to the edge and they enjoy it. As do we, as a matter of fact..

Rules of Protection is one of the best books of the year!! I loved it and I think even my kindle will get tired of me re-reading it!

So, 10 Huge Glamourous Stars go to Rules of Protection and Alison Bliss!!!!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the awesome, smile-inducing review!


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