Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: Indiscretion: Volume Two

Indiscretion: Volume Two
Indiscretion: Volume Two by Elisabeth Grace

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The beginning of this book is one of the most extraordinary beginnings I’ve ever read!! It was scary for them, but I found it so entertaining! What a great and special way to start the second book!!

And before I delve into details, I have to say that Volume 2 is as perfect as Volume 1 is. So you will not be disappointed!!

In volume 2, new characters are introduced giving us a better view of Chloe and Max’s lives. Of course, I won’t say who the new characters are, but I will say that they are very interesting and I believe they will play a vital role in Chloe and Max’s relationship. Plus, the new characters contribute to further expand the storyline, but without giving too much. Just enough to make us want more!!

Here, we see the toll Chloe’s responsibilities had on her attitude and view of life, as well as her view of herself. She may be strong, but she has her own scars and sad moments. Although I love Chloe and didn’t want to read what she actually thinks (mysterious enough for you?) , I think it was necessary for us the readers to do so, so that we can gain a better sense of her character.

As clearer the view of Chloe becomes as more mysterious Max gets. He didn’t react the way I thought he would in certain moments and that was a bit alarming. Not because I’m a know-it-all, but because he didn’t react as the Max I portrayed him. He wasn’t straight-forward and he didn’t speak his mind.

The story is very well written and it becomes all the more intriguing and mysterious the more we read. It also takes an unexpected but brilliant turn!!

Elisabeth Grace is a fabulous author and I cannot wait to read more of her work! Not to mention I’m dying to continue with Indiscretion!!

5 Huge Golden Sparkling Stars go to Indiscretion: Volume 2 !!!!

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