Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review: Pieces of Broken Time

Pieces of Broken Time
Pieces of Broken Time by Lorenz Font

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lorenz Font has written another well-written novel.

Pieces of Broken Time is a highly emotional novel, full of intense and dark moments and characters trying to regain the light in their lives.

Blake is such a traumatized and sad soul, angry at himself and the world. War and death bring those to people and Blake knows it firsthand. Even promises he made cannot be kept. Breathing is difficult, living is unimaginable.

And then, Jennifer appears.

Jennifer lost her love in that war. She’s full of questions and sadness and guilt. Grief is hard to live with and so much harder to overcome. And through that, she has to deal with revelations that she needs answers to.

And then, they meet.

Blake is different. Jennifer is different. How they can make it work, how they can live and be happy after everything is the mystery..

Blake loves her..He really does..And in order to keep her and make her happy, things have to change. He has to change..He has to heal and get better..He has to find himself once more.. Because Jennifer is his woman..Simple as that..

Answers to questions, sadness and guilt and grief, happiness and love and hope are all in this book…

Pieces of Broken Time is a book you must read.. The characters are fantastic, the story is amazing and the writing is so beautiful and this combination makes your heart ache and your eyes fill with tears.

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