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When Alex’s obsession takes him to a strange town in South America, it is up to Liz and Bob to find him and bring him home. What they find when they get there is more than any of them could have imagined. Bob, still trying to wrap his head around all he learned about his friend and the world around him last year, looks forward to a new adventure to take him deeper into this newly discovered reality. 

Alex quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems, nor is it anything like he thought it would be. 

He also soon learns that even he was not what he thought he was and that there was more to Liz’s secret than she had let on. 

Will Liz be able to protect the ones she loves the most?

Will they be able to find the answers and defeat the monster before it’s too late?

***5 Stars***

The Monster is a fast-paced mystery novel, full of surprises and magic and oh well magical moments.

Alex is led to a place in South America where mysterious and inexplicable events take place. He doesn’t think too much before arriving there, because he is overwhelmed by his need and desire to be there and solve the mystery surrounding that place.

“I need to be there”.....

Liz sees her man going after nobody-knows-what in South America, after everything they’ve been through just few months ago. She can’t bear the thought of him alone, so she follows him.

Alex and Liz are tested in this journey. Their abilities, their knowledge, their thinking process, their agility, their hearts, their friendship and their love are all put in danger, as they face immense power and magic, as well as magical creatures…

Magic, Mystery and Romance are all getting together and give you 
The Monster..

The characters are very well developed, the story is solid and the writing flows beautifully, leaving no inconsistencies in its path.

Alex and Liz are both evolving and stay the same. They don’t change, but they grow. And not only on their own, but together. They grow together as individuals and as a couple and as a team. It’s a beautiful sight to see.

The story is solid and does not have any loopholes or inconsistencies. The writing that accompanies it is equally beautiful and fast-paced. It doesn’t leave you hanging, but you will be asking for more.

The Monster is a mystery novel that you must read, if you’re a mystery fan. And, if you’re a Romance fan, I strongly recommend this read, because let’s face it; Everyone needs variety in their lives!

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“The Amazon?! Are you crazy?” Liz stood in the door way of their bedroom and watched as Alex packed his bag. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. “For months you have been obsessed with this…” She paused as if searching for the word. “Chupacabra. You have spent weeks at the library and on the computer. I haven’t seen you in days and now you come home and tell me you are going to the Amazon! What the hell are you doing, Alex?”
Alex stopped packing and looked at Liz. He let out a frustrated sigh and ran his hands through his hair. He knew why she was so worried. It had only been one year since he had lost her on the dig in California and gone through hell to break the curse and get her back. Since the day she came back, they had rarely let each other out of each other’s sight. He understood her concern, he really did.
“Liz, I get it. No one wants a repeat of last year. But, this is something I’ve got to do. And it’s not a Chupacabra. It’s… The monster.” He said indignantly as he turned back to his bag and continued to pack. Liz watched him for a minute before crossing the room and placing her hand on his arm. He stopped and looked at her. Liz put her hand on his face and looked into his dark brown eyes. Those eyes had aged so much in those long months she was gone and they looked so tired now.
“It’s yourChupacabra, Alex. It doesn’t exist. The Monster or whatever you want to call it is a myth. All the stories are just legends told by the locals to scare away outsiders. You have to know that.”
“We broke a curse, fought ancient guardians and you literally lit up the world’s largest spider a year ago, and you are telling me you can’t believe in this? I’m not asking your permission, Liz. I’m going; I hope you can support me in this.” He rubbed the hand that was still on his cheek and finished packing. Liz once again leaned against the doorframe and watched him, feeling helpless. Alex picked up his bag and swung his trusty khaki pack over his shoulder. He crossed the room to the door where Liz was still standing and stopped. He set his bag down and took her face in his hands.

*Just click on the teasers and you will get pulled into The Monster's world....*

Part 1 : "If you weren't an author, what would you want to be?And why.."

The question of, what would I do if I wasn’t a writer, is one that I have considered many times. My husband and I often talk about what our lives would be like if certain things were different. Where would we be if he hadn’t joined the Coast Guard? How would our lives be different if we weren’t a military family? What if we had never met? What if we had never married? 

I love my life and thinking about what it would be like if one thing were different is weird. If I wasn’t married, I would probably be a Flight Attendant. I love to travel and I think it would be a great way to see different places. The question of if I wasn’t a writer is harder for me though. For a while I thought I wanted to teach. In some ways I could still see teaching high school English as a feasible secondary option. I’ve tried other jobs and never found anything that stuck.

If I had to pick something, however, I would say either an English teacher or a party planner. I am highly organized (most of the time) and love to plan parties, so that would probably be fun for a while. The teaching would utilize the degree I am very close to finishing though. It would be a more realistic choice and rewarding as well. 

Part 2 : "What thrills you the most about writing and what you dislike about it"

There are many aspects of writing that excite me. I love the feel of a story running through me. I love that moment when something clicks and it is as though the story is writing itself. I love when a character introduces themselves to me and they turn out to not be what I expected them to be. I love the feeling of accomplishment when a story is complete. I love when the story takes a turn that even I didn’t realize was coming. It nearly impossible for me to pick just one thing that I love most about writing. It’s my passion, I literally can’t not write. 

There are also things, as with anything, about writing that I’m not quite so passionate about. Certain aspects of being passionate about something tend get a little annoying. When a character or plot twist keeps me up at night, or comes to me at an inopportune time, it drives me crazy. When I know where I want the story to go, but don’t quite know how to make it happen, it’s a little bit annoying. The worst for me, however, is when I get blocked. That moment when all the creativity in my body leaves at the same time is excruciating. A wall goes up in my mind and every character development, every plot line, and every twist just disappears. That is probably the worst thing for me. 

I am a Coast Guard wife. I have been living the Coast Guard life for a little more than a decade now. We have travelled from one side of the country to the other more than once thanks to the Coast Guard. I currently live in Connecticut with my husband and our kitty, a spoiled calico named Missy. I am working towards my Bachelor's in English. When I am not writing I can usually be found behind my camera take pictures of my life and the world around me.

The Curse


Alex was a controversial treasure hunter. 

Until the day Liz came storming into his life and changed his world forever. 

Now, an archeologist on a dig in the California desert, everything goes terribly wrong and everyone, including Liz, disappears. 

It is up to Alex to follow the clues and find the answers. 

Will he be able to trust his heart and rescue Liz? 

Or will hard headedness and self-doubt lose her to the curse for all eternity?

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