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A whole day dedicated to one author........

Angela McPherson : Author of Hope's Decree
Links to the Event,Blog Post and Extras: 

Author's Day (The Event Post)
Blog Post about Hope's Decree
Exclusive Alternative "Blains" POV .

Agatha Rae : Author of Oenone

Link to the Event:
Author's Day : Agatha Rae (The Event Post)

Coming Soon

Megan C.Smith             Expired Regrets

Blakely Benett              The Demarcation of Jack

Andrea Murray             The Vivid Series

Diane Harman             Coyote in Provence

Gary Taafe                   Four Small Stones

The Event
The term "Book Blitz" has become very popular..So Why Not An Author's Day?? A whole day dedicated to an incredibly talented author who has gifted us with remarkable book(s)....Mmm Fun!!That's what I thought,at least...

If you're an author, you can email me or fill in the Contact Form on your right and I will get back to you as soon as I can...Please, keep in mind that the Event can be either Review or Promo-Only.

As soon as a new date or author has been confirmed, it will be posted on this page and I will share it on my social links...

Thank you!

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