Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gentling the Cowboy : The Blog Tour

Book:  Gentling the Cowboy
Author:  Ruth Cardello
Genre:  Romance/Contemporary

Tony Carlton knows trouble when he sees it—especially when it comes in the form of a gorgeous, innocent and very naked blond stranger dancing in his shower. When circumstances force his uninvited guest to spend the night, Tony decides that there are some home invasions he could get used to.

Sarah Dery is a frustrated writer who takes her twenty-fifth birthday as a wake-up call. She sets off for Texas thinking that a summer on a working ranch will finally inspire her. When one wrong turn leads her into the arms of a hot, broody cowboy, she’ll discover her spicy inner voice.

But is it enough? He says he’s not capable of love. Can she gentle this cowboy?

My Review:
It is one of my favourite books of all time..

It's fun and serious..It's hot and passionate;yet sweet and emotional..
I loved everything about it!
I just finished it and I cannot stop thinking how amazing it was..While I were reading,I even turned back the pages and re-read them..

>>Sarah is so fearless and such a fierce spirit..She humbles me..She is the most vibrant character I've read in a while..She put colour in the book with her wits,her humour,her goodness and her awkwardness...Especially in the beginning,I couldn't stop laughing at how she kept rambling and rambling..I'm sure she didn't even know what she was saying in the end..

>>Tony...Tony..He is sweet broody man,everyone fears yet everyone admires and looks up to..He had such rough years..His neglectful and crude father,the tragedy with Kimberly...He had nothing..And when he created something,everything tore down to pieces..Thankfully,Sarah has no GPS abilities and she brought her sunlight with her back to him...

Priceless Moments: 1.when she played her sexy diva...2.the first family dinner...3.when they first met...
I can't help but smile and laugh,as I think of them,even now shortly after I read the book..

The books was all about gentleness..The characters had all their dark torments of their past..But,we focused on how to heal them and how to move on from them..Find a place in this world,where we can say "Yes I'm happy"...Sometimes,we don't have to address the emotional depth of the situation and to delve into the why's..Sometimes,we should just do and then let go..Sometimes,we should free our past and see brightly straight at our future and how we want it to be..

I adored this book!I adored it so much that I'm not even gonna count how many times I'm gonna re-read it in the future..Nope no need for that...
Oh and by the way...Sarah and Tony just became one of my top-favourite couples EVER!!..

Author Bio:
Ruth Cardello  is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She started her career writing about alpha billionaires and now has expanded to rugged cowboys. She lives on a small farm in Northern Rhode Island with her husband, three kids, two dogs, and two horses. If there is a happier place on Earth, she hasn't found it.

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  1. Mia... I completely agree! this is one of my favorites too and I'm looking forward to reading more from this series... highly recommended!

  2. I loved it and would give it 5 stars! It was a great story and the love in it was so well written! The scene were done in such detail that you could picture them all! Amazing author!

  3. I completely agree with you ladies!!...The details were great!!Waiting on more info about the rest of the series!!


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