Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review: SPARK

SPARK by Brooke Cumberland

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Given by the author for an honest review for her Burn Blog Tour

Spark was one of those books I was dying to read,but for some reason something always came up..And then,the Burn Blog Tour appeared and I literally jumped to take the opportunity..And holy moly,I am ecstatic about it!

Brooke Cumberland is one of those ridiculously talented authors,who release great and many books..Yepp that's right..I swear,it's like she is Superwoman..Brooke,is there somthing you'd like to tell us?..


I just finished reading it..And I'm left with bewilderment..
The book was indescribably amazing..It is a romantic story of 2 beautiful people..The one is damaged and betrayed in the most outrageous way..In the most hurtful and disgusting way..I honestly don't know how people recover from events like these..

>>Velaney is such a sweet and kind person..She is so sweet that you cannot even comprehend the idea of someone hurting her that badly and still being this sweet..During most of the book,we see that she hasn't recovered from what Aiden did to her,from what her family never did for her..And that's understandable..Everything about the whole thing just makes me want to throw up in disgust..I cannot believe how people like these exist in this world..She doesn't want to give herself to anyone..She is afraid of getting hurt and of hurting others..She doesn't want not to give in but she can't give in either..My heart really breaks for Laney..She's a sweetheart and she didn't deserve this lack of security and love..Family is supposed to be your safenet,but sometimes it's the reason you need it in the first place..
I admire her as a person and as a woman..She is an example to all the victims of abuse out there..Don't let those poor excuses of people hurt your soul..Don't let them take anything more than they have already and unfortunately taken..But,if your parents don't believe you...Go to the police..Don't let anything slide..If your family can't or won't protect,do it on your own!

>>Eric..Oh Eric..As a True Blood fan,it was very hard for me not to blend both characters into one..I'm sure the other fans would agree with me..And with all the "Everything about your body is perfect" thing..I was a goner..I mean,how much hotness can I take?...
Eric is our hero.Our knight.I really loved him..When he heard Vel's story,he didn't throw a tandrum or went straight to kill that being aka Aiden..No..He stayed with Vel and held her..He was there for her..He supported her in a way I haven't seen another character or person support someone else..It was really moving...Many things about him were unique and made him stand out from the other male characters..

>>Carissa is something else..She was the fun part of the book..She's never fallen in love;yet she gives the best romantic advice..And she has no filter whatsoever..
>>I would like to get to know Eric's dad a bit more..We've only read so little about him..He sounds like a tough but sweet bear to me..(Was that description too weird?..I'll keep it..)

It was an excellent book.A beautiful story that is going to leave you wanting even more.2 characters who you will love.A series you don't want to miss..

Brooke Cumberland is some serious writer..I have some stalking and some serious book-shopping to do!
But first,I'm going straight to BURN...

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