Monday, October 7, 2013

Review: Shadowed

Shadowed by Rebecca Zanetti

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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First of all, I hadn't realised that the book was part of a series,especially the 6th book. But it didn't really matter to me..There was history about the other characters,but it didn't affect me understanding the plot..So, it's not exactly a stand-alone but it's certainly doable..

Now Let's delve into the book....

I LOVED IT!!..It had strong characters,solid story and pace and it was a hot whirlwind of events and information!!

There was absolutely nothing I would change about it..Rebecca Zanetti wrote a magnificent fantasy book,which is past of an epic fantasy series..It has made me go and buy all the other books of the series..All the characters are amazing and I would love to read about all of them..Kane and Amber-Dage and Emma-Conn and Moira-Talon and Cara-Jane and the mysterious Zane-even Max is hugely interesting!

>>Brenna..The powerful and sensitive grey-eyed witch,who blew my mind away with her spirit..

>>Jase..The deadly killer,who wants to return to his former self and find love..

Both of them were damaged one way or another..They had lost parts of themselves,after years of hurting..They wanted to get better but they didn't know how..Brenna recovered first and tried to help Jase,but he chose a different path..He didn't choose her..And that hurt deeply because she had let herself believe in them..And then,chaos broke out..Literally..Jase (finally) made the right decision and fought for her..He finally fought for them..Sometimes,you need total destruction to get you up on your feet..

He knew he couldn't live without her..He realised he didn't want to let her go..EVER..And he didn't..and that's all both of them had ever wanted..

What-A-Book!!..I couldn't put it down..I had to force myself to even go to sleep and continue reading it the next day..Ah the crazy things books make us do...

A Great Book of An Epic Series With Perfect Characters.It felt like family..It felt like home..

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