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Forgiven by Rebecca Brooke : My Review

Book: Forgiven
Author:  Rebecca Brooke
Genre:  Romance/Contemporary/Young Adult/Academic/College
Publication Date:  August 10th,2013

What happens when one moment changes the course of your entire life? Do you sit back and accept it, or fight to live the life you choose? Caleb Jacobs has a past that has haunted him for two years. Knowing he can never forgive himself for the events that led to his departure, Caleb chooses to live a quiet life—concentrating on school, sports, and shots. But when he is paired with Angie for a history project he realizes that no matter how much you try to hide from your past, one way or another it will find you.

Angelina Powers knows what she wants from life. Growing up with only an alcoholic father for company, Angie learned early on in life that you can only count on yourself. But that doesn’t stop her wishing for her white knight. She’s confident, happy and focused…until she meets Caleb. So how will she feel when her potential white knight turns out to be more of a black shadow?

My Review:  

It was AMAZING!! I loved it! It became one of my favorite books of all time!
In fact, I read it twice in 2 days! Yeah it is that addictive!!

I loved it from the first page to the very last..I adored Angie and I fell hard for Caleb..One of the best couples…Plus, I really loved the 2 points of view..Both of them are equally amazing! As you know writing both POVs is very tricky and almost always the one will be better than the other..In this case, both are brilliant and I strongly believe this is one of Rebecca’s biggest accomplishments (regarding Forgiven)!

I guarantee you will fall in love with both main characters, as well as the rest of the cast…Yepp I cannot stop praising this book and the author!!

>>Angie had such a hard life. Having one parent leave you and then the other turning into a drunk darkened her soul. It shattered her self-confidence and her self-esteem. Parents are the ones who are supposed to love you unconditionally. So if they don’t, you start wondering what is wrong with you, when in reality there’s something seriously wrong with them. Angie was so lucky she met Emily so fast in campus, because she really needed her support. As you’ll see while reading the book, Angie is quite adorable. Everyone likes her and no one has a bad thing to say about her. She is hot, sweet, a good friend, smart and funny. I really admire her spirit! In fact, I loved everything about her..Perhaps, it’s because she reminds me of me so much..Nah I’m kidding..She is an incredible young woman and a great role model. And I loved the way she handled Caleb. Oh I keep thinking some certain scenes that may involve someone been thrown over someone’s shoulder and get carried to someone’s bedroom…Vague enough?..

Angie is the woman you wish to be, the woman you wish to have and the person you wish to have in your life..

>>Caleb made lots of mistakes along the way.. And when he finally got the stick out of his ass, he was falling down against the same path yet again later..As I’ve claimed before, guilt I such a powerful emotion. The lack of it leaves you a person without humanity, while its intense presence can break you in half and never let you be whole again. Caleb let that guilt eat him alive. Until Angie and someone’s interference. When that interference happened, I want to thank and kiss that person a thousand times.. It was so sad when fell out of the wagon, but don’t get your guns out of your closet –It’s pretty obvious that something else is going on and yes you will be biting your nails until you figure out what!! 

In conclusion, there is not a thing I would change about Forgiven. I adore it!

Brilliant & One of a kind!! It will leave you breathless and hungry for more..

And fortunately for us, Rebecca Brooke is currently writing the next book Redemption about Josh (I love that guy!) and Lauren!! I hope Angie and Caleb are featured..

Author Bio:
Self-proclaimed True Blood and SOA addicted. I love football season (Go Dolphins)!!

Favorite Books:
Wanted and Saved by Kelly Elliot
Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Fallen Series by Lauren Kate
Residue Series by Laury Falter
Fallen to Far Series by Abbi Glines
Premonition Series by Amy Bartol

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