Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: His for Christmas

His for Christmas
His for Christmas by Jennifer Haymore

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Given by the publisher for an honest review

It's a short sweet historical romance..It's about 2 young people falling in love with each other as children and falling apart..It's about 2 young people who rediscover their love once again..

It has a very sweet aura about it..Yes there are some hot steamy scenes,too!!..But I would definitely describe it as a very sweet and innocent short love story..

>>Amelia is a very kind and generous woman,who has been feeling betrayed by her best friend anf first love for many years..She has had a not so flattering opinion about herself;thus settling for a man and settling for content life..She is however a very strong woman..She has grown into a realistic and intelligent woman,who sees the truth and not misconceptions of it..

>>Evan is young man who has never fallen out of love from his first love..He has always loved her and when he learnt she married someone else,his heart broke..So it took him years to find her again and pursue her like he always wanted and like she always deserved..

In conclusion, His for Christmas is a lovely short romantic story with historical influence..
You can't do wrong by reading it!

Quite Lovely and Sweet! It makes you look for simpler eras..

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