Friday, October 4, 2013

Review: The Dumont Diaries

The Dumont Diaries
The Dumont Diaries by Alessandra Torre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Given by the author for an honest review for her Blog Tour

I loved all the previous work done by Alessandra and thus I was extremely happy that I got to be on her Blog Tour..This book was very different from Blindfolded Innocence and such..I assume part of the reason is that it's a mini-series..
My Journey to my 4Stars Review
I have to admit I thought I would the book more,because like I said I'm a fan of Alessandra's writing..That,however,doesn't mean the book isn't good..

Unexpected and nice changes were found in the main characters..The girl wasn't the good girl-can't do anything wrong or the feisty-I do what I want when I want kinda girl...Despite the fact that I liked the change of scenery and its unpredictability,I am not quite certain if I enjoyed the character or the even liked the character..
Candy is strong and smart,but she doesn't see or use her intelligence in most of the book..She submits,but I can't find a reason why she should..After she learnt the truth about what was going on,I started liking her..She actually put her mind to work..

And about Nathan..He was very unlikeable in the majority of the book,as well...Again,after the big revelations,I saw him change and we actually heard him speak and got to know him as a person and just a dictator...

I would prefer it if I liked both characters in the first half of the book..But I realised somewhere along the way that this was the whole point..Before the revelations,none of them were really themselves..Candy was scared out of her mind and pushed to a corner,literally..So,we couldn't really see through her..And Nathan hid everything,besides the fear of letting her in..Well,she got in anyway..But that's another story....After the revelations,it was like a cloud moved and we saw the characters for what they were..Nathan isn't a total jerk and candy isn't that weakling that gets pushed over..He has a heart and she is witty and gets hold of herself and her life..

As I mentally read back from the first page till the last,I realise that I saw a bautiful journey of 2 people finding themselves through each other,even though none of them knew what was happening..

Alessandra proved once again how creative and how amazing of a writer she is..Her writing was impeccable and the story was completely original and different;yet classy and undoubtedly special...

In conclusion,I believe this is a serious read,with emotional depth...This is not a shallow erotic and romanctic book..And I loved it for that...

I didn't realise it was a mini series and I actually thought it was a book on its own,which speaks volumes of the flowing grace the book had..

Cogratulations for writing such a special book,Alessandra...

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