Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Stronger with You

Stronger with You
Stronger with You by R.J. Sable

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stronger With You,the sequel to Right There With You...

I was in the Blog Tour for Right There With You and I loved it so much that not even 1 minute passed and I was already hunting for the second book of the series..No I'm NOT kidding..

And before I forget,I would like to point that the author has selected the perfect titles for the books..Not too long..On point,precise and straight to the core of each book..That's a very hard task to do..So,Congratulations on that..We all understand how important the choice of a title is to the book..And RJ chose the perfect ones all three times...

So,Stronger With You..

>>I was so happy to finally see Jamie for who she is..She is out,people..She speaks her mind..She's starting to feel confident in her own skin..Yeah,we had some issues now and then..But please..We are women..We overthink everything,so I won't hold anything against our sweet Jamie..She is really cute and adorable..And she is growing up..She sees the severity of her actions and most importantly,she sees that her brothers are not Gods..They make mistakes and she is not in the mood of letting things slide..She tells them off and it's so much fun to watch!!I mean,besides all the bad things that have and will happen..Those I didn't like..

And since I'm feeling brave,I will also admit that I almost feel sorry for Ian..He's 18 and loses his father and he's left with 6 siblings to take care of..Nothing about it is easy..He really did the best he could..I was too mad at him,during the first book, to realise that..But,when you're a kid,you're following your father's actions..And after a while,a routine has been developed..And you just don't disrupt it..I guess,the whole Carted Family needed Jason in their lives..

>>Remember what I said that Jason is the hero of the series,in my review of the first book?..Well,I really dislike the character who does everything right..It's not real..Everyone makes mistakes..But hell,even Jason's mistake wasn't his fault..We see him open up and speak about his family and when he was younger..We finally see the whole Jason..Why he is the way is..How he reacts in various situations..

SPOILERS!..kind of..
1.I ADORED HIM at Valentine's day!!..The green monster was unleashed!..And well,there is the skirt incident,too....
2.In the ending of the book,I had 3 thoughts :
1)I wondered how Jamie will react..cry all the time and be the strong stubborn kickass I know she can
2)Jason will freak out completely...
3)I really hope no one gets hurt,because I don't think Jamie can take any more guilt..

OMG What an ending..RJ slowly introduced the danger throughtout the book..Some moments here and there..But never in a million years,I would see this coming...Everyone will be SO PISSED....

I'm really hoping for a Jason POV in the third book...
Can't Wait..Feel So Giddy right now....

Oh did I mention that I loved this book??Even more than the first one??It sure was a close rece,though...You don't want to miss reading this series!!

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