Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella

Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella
Manhattan Millionaire’s Cinderella by Sun Chara

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I loved the story..It was a delightful read!!
It's very fast,I have to admit..A couple of times,it felt like some pieces of the story were missing or omitted..I had to backpedal a lot,reread some pages and then I was like "umm..Ok..I guess...".Perhaps,it was considered to be short book that could explain my feeling...

My point is I loved the story,but at some points it could have been written a bit better;thus making it a 5 star book..


>>I enjoyed Nina quite a lot..I loved that she had guts..She had a mission to find her father and stayed on it..She always acted smart,even though it hurt her sometimes..But she was strong enough to make hard decisions..She is loyal to her family and to her heart,but she is no fool..And all these made her so real to my eyes..No person is so innocent,who does no wrong..But,our female lead characters does have a strong honour code and I admire that..

>>Cade..Such a complicated man..He really is a frontrunner for that title..He got played..Not just by our girl,though I don't quite see it the same way he does..Of course,then we have his family..What a tornado that was..What was happening?..But,behind his facade he is just a man who loves his wife..He's too stubborn and hurt to admit that..But,once he can't deny his true feelings,he steers that way..Find his wife.Make up with her.Make her happy.The end..Pretty simple,right?..His tactic was very entertaining..I could just picture it..

My conclusion is that it's a great short book..Strong characters,who will leave you breathless..A story completely different from the others..Quite a delight!

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  1. Just reread this, Mia...and it brings a smile on my face! Thank you!!!


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