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The Daddy's Girls Series : The Blog Tour

Bad Boy, Ryder Davenport comes into Dina Fowler's life in the middle of her own personal hell. Still coming to terms with the death of her parents, she pushes everyone away. When she trusts the wrong man, putting her in a bad relationship she felt she couldn’t escape, Ryder comes along. Enjoying his playboy ways, fast cars, motorcycles and a new woman in his bed nightly, Ryder had no thoughts of settling down. That is, until he sees the damage a man can do when he meets a very broken Dina. He changes in hopes of one day being enough for her. But, can she ever feel safe with a man again? Ryder has restored hundreds of classic cars, can he restore Dina’s heart?

                             My Review:

After reading the whole series,I have to say that Restore my heart is my favourite book..I just love Dina and Ryder..

>>Dina has faced tragedy face to face..Then,she had another one coming..She lost herself..She lost her faith,her strength and what makes Dina Dina..But she slowly makes it up for all the time she lost..And Ryder's love and affection,as well as Maggie's loyalty, all help her gather all of her pieces..

>>Ryder was a player..With a capital P..But,after meeting Dina and seeing firsthand her hurting evyerthing else just faded away..He no longer wanted to be the man he was before..He never wanted to use anyone..He just wanted Dina..To love her..To cherish her and to take care of her,as long as he lives..

I loved this book..I should admit that I loved this one much more than any other of the series..Beyond Repair is my second favourite,though..It really shows how people can turn the tables and guide their lives where they really want them to be..

Restore my heart is the perfect first book for a series..It has a very strong story and even stronger and greater characters..It introduces us beautifully and elegantly to all the characters who will continue to accompany us..

Strong.Sweet.Perfect First Book.Amazing Couple


Brayden and Maggie have been dating for four years. Maggie is ready and expecting an engagement ring. Brayden has a past full of weaknesses and mistakes he can’t seem to shake. As he slowly loses everything, he also loses Maggie. As his world unravels, can he find the strength to shake his inner demons? Does he have it in him to face the ghosts of his past? Can Maggie overcome his deceptions? Will they find a way to love and trust again?

*This book intended for adult audiences due to the language and sexual content.


My Review:

Afer reading the first book,I knew that the sequel would be about Maggie and Brayden..I anticipated some serious troublemaking and well I got it,more than I thought I would..

First of all,the book was great..The writing was amazing,as was the first book and the rest of the series..Secondly,I would like to state that I liked Maggie and Brayden,as characters..So I had nothing against them...
And here comes the big but...

>>Maggie was so focused on getting married she didn't see what was going in front of her..I understand her inability not to see..Addicts are great liars and manipulators..Plus,why stop trusting someone,when he never gave any right not to trust him?Right?Right..
BUT after 4 years of being together,she didn't know anything about his family and never even met anyone..I'm extremely curious and bewildered about that fact..How could she not pay more attention to that?..I mean,it's family..You ask about family...And then,he sold his car and kept driving her car for months..Didn't she notice that?You don't have to be Sherlock to notice something like that..
I just found her living in her own bubble,in her own world..Again,I understand her not seeing his problem,but they had serious problems even without that..
I only found her strong,when she wouldn't give up on Brayden..And after she realised everything I just said above...

>>Brayden...I understand his issues and his huge guilt..He had horrific teenage years...However,I agree with Dina with what she said to him..His reckless behaviour could have cost someone else his life..You wanna destroy your life?No it's not ok,but you should deal with it..And not letting your self-destructiveness kill someone else..That was completely unacceptable..
However,after he realised that yes it WAS a freaking big deal,he dealt with his issues..He realised that he should fix himself for him and noone else..

So,in conclusion,the book was greatly written..But,me personally I didn't like the characters..They gathered themselves towards the end,though..And they will be quite awesome in the next books!!

Harrison and Tiffany have a long history of hooking up. Harrison decides he wants more. Tiffany, a spoiled Southern Belle is embarrassed by a working class Harrison. After over two years apart Tiffany is missing his touch. She heads to Charlotte to claim her man.

Harrison is finally settled in Charlotte. He has a job he loves, his sister close by, great friends, and an awesome agreement going with Sophia.

Can Sophia ever want more from Harrison than just sex? Has Harrison fallen in love or just lust with Sophia?

After all this time and hurt feelings, is he really meant to be with Tiffany? Can Harrison manage to let his guard down and find his way back to Tiffany? Will Tiffany be satisfied with a regular working class mechanic? Or is their relationship in the                                                         past and beyond repair?

My Review:
The only reason I didn't give the 5 stars is because I loved the first book of the series so much that I can't find it in me to rate them the same..

But I really really liked this book!!

People can turn things around!That's the message of this book..Oh and well...If 2 people are meant to be,they are meant to be..Nothing and Nobody can ever change that...So,aboslutely nothing and nobody is ever beyond repair..I never believed that and I hope I never stop believing that..

People can be so cruel..They can hurt you with words and with actions so badly,that you can really lose your mind,your heart and your freaking hope..I am sure all of you have been at the receiving end of that...

>>You know,after reading so many books,I've realised that the bitches are the ones who love so very much..They're just really afraid of getting hurt;thus they are bitches..Tiffany confirms that rule..Her father is such a **...No words about him...He frustrates the hell out of me..When Harrison punched him...OMG..That was priceless!!!!...Anyway...Back to Tiffany..I really understand her..I never had such a controlling parent but I do know that parents,especially the bad ones,shape you too much..They make who you are..It's up to you to see if that's who you really want to be,as well...So,Tiffany had fate slap her..Much slapping...But she got through it..She made it..She found herself..She found how to belong..She found how to stand on her own as Tiffany,not as Mrs King,not as her daddy's girl..But as Tiffany..And Tiffany loves Harrison...

>>Harrison is just a nice guy..He just wants to settle down..Be with his girl,build a life..Yet,he has Tiffany kicking him out..And then Sophia really puts meaning to the word baggage..Another tragedy there(next book is about her by the way...Can't wait to read her story!)...But he works it out..
I really liked Harrison...Harrison and Ryder are very straightforward and I love that quality..No mysteries no wondering about what the hell is going on..They say it as it is...I liked him,what can I say?!

Soooo,my rambling comes to an end..I really recommend this book..It makes you put things into perspective..Nothing is black or white..Noone is bad or good..Everyone has many layers..You just have to see through them in order to see the soul of the person..Some discovering,after all,never harmed anyone..

And that's it..I think..Yeah I loved the meaning of the book and I loved that all our characters are happy and content..

I loved that each book has its main couple,but doesn't forget about the previous ones..It's like reading about a big family..Just changing the focus,once in a while..I really loved that and it's hard to accomplish..So,Congratulations to Chelsea!

Author Bio:
 Chelsea Camaron has a love for old muscle cars and Harley Davidson motorcycles.  She currently resides in Southern Louisiana with her husband and two children. She was born and raised in Coastal North Carolina and her heart is always Carolina day dreaming. Her love for reading has sparked a new love for writing with a few projects currently in the works.  She is a big kid refusing to grow up, she spends most days playing with her kids, embracing her inner five year old.

Buy Links:
Restore My Heart:
                                  Amazon for #1  |  Barnes and Noble for #1

                          Amazon for #2   |   Barnes and Noble for #2

Full Throttle:
                               Amazon for #2.5  |  Barnes and Noble for #2.5

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And The Top 10 List!!!

"Until now you've published only books that are part of a series..What are your top 10 book series?..They can be of any genre there is..Romance,Science Fiction,YA,Fantasy,Historical...(And by series,I mean even a series consisting of 2 books)"

10. The Room 103 Heaven series by DH Sidebottom- what a ride these books take you on.
9. The Let Love Series by Melissa Collins- this series has become my crack this year, I can't get enough!
8. The Billionaire Bachelors Series by Melody Anne- I love how each book builds to the next
7. The Undeniable Series by Madeline Sheehan- life isn't like a present wrapped in pretty paper, topped with a bow, this series is raw and gritty and keeps you on your toes!
6. Harry Potter by JK Rowling- I'm a big kid and love HP and the magical world created.
5. The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day- Gideon Cross, need I say more?
4. The MacKenzie Family Series by Liliana Hart - this one makes you want it to go on forever
3. Unfinished Heroes Series by Kristen Ashley - no one can write an alpha male like she can
2. Fifty Shades by EL James- Christian Grey- need I say more?

1. Dream Man Series by Kristen Ashley - she is my favorite author and it doesn't get better then this series for me.  If I'm left with a book hangover, in a bad mood, can't get into a book, she's my go to author to pull me out of my funk. 

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