Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Covert Assignment

Covert Assignment
Covert Assignment by Missy Marciassa

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Covert Assignment was AMAZING!!!

I was 1000% addicted to Elle,Preston,CIA and all the mystery and espionage surrounding them from the very first page!!!

I remember being half way through the book and thinking "God,please tell me that there's a next book coming up..It's too good to end in only one book!"..And after I finished it,I contacted the author Missy..She's really great by the way..Anyhow..She told me there are 2 more books..I literally jumped up and down from glee..
And that was my happy playful journey of reading it..

>>Elle is really a great person..She may not appear very assertive...But she IS fiery..She's stubborn,persistent,intelligent and pretty damn funny..She takes people seriously..She thinks before she acts and takes every variable into consideration!..I found myself relating to her very much,I admit..I'm an overthinker just like her..But when we decide on a course of action,when we know what we want,when we know what's the best choice for us..We just go for it!..
And if it weren't obvious,I clearly state that I adore Elle!

>>Preston..mmm..He's the mysterious CIA operative..And Hot of course..He knows the perfect thing to say..He pretty much seems like the perfect man..He may have some commitment issues..And he certainly has secrets..We shall see in the next book!!(and yes I'm grinning as I write that)...

>>Now about the rest of the characters..I can't say that they made a good impression on me,regarding their personalities..Her friends didn't seem to me like very good friends..Her ex is a jerk..Her family is weird,good weird I think..They have their moments..

I really liked Elle's advisor at the university..He seemed very admirable,intelligent,kind and he certainly loved Elle as his own daughter..

In conclusion,Go and Buy this book!!!It's amazing!

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