Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Changed Life by Mary Wasowski : The Blog Tour

Book: A Changed Life
Author: Mary Wasowski
Publication Date: August 6th,2013

Change is never easy.
For seventeen year old Nicolette Vanelle, life is about to change...

Relocating to California, Nicolette finds herself starting over. A new high school. New friends. New life. 

Attending her first Hollywood event, Nicolette meets bad boy Michael St. Clair, and unknowingly becomes the object of his obsession. 

Feeling overwhelmed by Michael’s attention, she escapes the party to go to the beach where she meets Simon Paulson. He takes her breath away, an inevitable connection leading to romance between the young couple.

Nicolette and Simon’s happiness is short lived and their relationship is put to the ultimate test when tragedy befalls Nicolette.

Can Nicolette find the strength and courage to emerge from the darkness she fell into? Will Simon's unconditional love be enough to bring her back into the light?

Life can change in an instant, leaving you changed forever.

My Review:
It was not what I expected it to be..
The story had a nice flow and it was written remarkably.So, the writing is very good..I also consider it to be a quality-read..
However, there was too much going on..There were too many POVs that were leaving me confused,especially when the transition from one POV to another wasn't done properly..I just felt like everything was too much..When things were good,they were too good..When things got ugly,they were too ugly..

>>Nicolette was a nice character..A remarkable even..However,I don't see how she could be real,in my mind..She was too good to be true..[She got raped at the age of 18 years old and got pregnant due to it and she maintained a level-headed mind..She apologized every time she got it all out of heart..People are not wired like that] She is a great character that exudes strength and that's what I love about her..She is strong,she is mature,she is smart and she is very kind..She's really a very graceful person..However,the better person she was the more tragedies were piling up for her..It was really sad...
Despite her too-goo-to-be-true personality and all the tragedies she suffered,I really enjoyed her..

>>Simon was like a God in the book..Honestly..He was perfect..He had the perfect answers..The perfect reactions..Again,he felt like he was too good to be true,but he is more likely to exist rather than Mother Theresa aka Nicolette..He is my favourite character in the book..Everyone else was either too good or too crazy or too bad..He was the hero of the book and I loved him!

In the ending,I felt very frustrated..We read so many pages,seeing Nicolette and everyone else suffering for what happened to her and then in the ending the person responsible received a very small punishment regarding his doings..I just felt very cheated..All hell broke loose and went straight to Nicolette and in the end,a small punishment got delivered..

In conclusion,I simply liked the book because it was well written despite all the misfits it had..
This is simply my opinion..

Author Bio:
Writing has always been a passion of mine. Growing up, I used writing as my outlet for my feelings, as I grew older I knew one day I wanted to do it professionally.Finally pursuing my dream after twenty plus years, I have written my first book.
A Changed Life will be released this Summer/2013. I can't wait to share my story with all of you.

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