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Review: Trusting You

Trusting You
Trusting You by L.P. Dover

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Wow..That's the perfect word to describe this Trusting you..

It's unbelievably smart and undoubtedly hot..It has the perfect pace..We see the characters grow through the pages and we get to watch their relationship evolve into their Forever..We also get to know our 2 main characters as people but as a couple,too..

Trusting you had me keep my face within a breath's distance from my monitor.. I was literally panting to read the next scene..I was so engrossed that nothing else mattered..

I've read many good 5-star books recently that are indeed excellent..But this one is special..It had me reeling in such an intense way that it's hard to explain..I'll just say this : While I was reading it,I kept having 2 thoughts : "Oh my what is going to happen now?!" and "How lucky I am to be reading it"..I think that says it all..

>>Melissa is such a strong woman..She doesn't bow to anyone..She keeps going no matter what anyone throws at her..She is a survivor..She is truly a force of nature..A True Firecracker..A real friend and definitely a great character..

After what Daniel did to her(at first),Melissa didn't lose herself and din't wallow into self-pity..She stood on her own two feet and walked away with her head held high..Of course,her opinion about the other sex was not very high but oh well that happens to every one of us (No offense guys!)..
And then she meets Brett..God I love that guy..It takes a special man,after all, to handle a woman like Melissa..

>>Brett is my new favorite male lead character..I adore him..He was the perfect man without being too good to be true..He was sweet and thoughtful;yet he was sexy as hell and had an OMG stamina and creativity on the um...oh you know where...Like I said,the perfect man..He had the possessiveness we all crave for,but it wasn't over the top..Most importantly,he didn't change Melissa at all..He just let her fears melt away..

Brett had his own scars and of course they have shaped him into the man he is..He has a very strong moral code,but he is no prude..He knows which lines to cross which to let go..I love it when the man understands the woman so well..And especially when he can read her emotions so perfectly and to the point..

A Real Firecracker Meets A Perfect Man..When the girl meets her match..

Romantic but Hot.Entertaining but full of suspense.

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