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Sweetly Bad by Anya Breton : The Blog Tour

Book: Sweetly Bad
Author: Anya Breton
Publication Date: September 4th,2013
Genre: Romance/Contemporary Romance/Adult Fiction/Erotica
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

The stand-alone sequel to Wickedly Good Drew couldn't imagine anything worse than being stranded in a two-cellular-bar town with a broken-down Ferrari...until his mother-his own mother!-marked him as a rogue Air witch and canceled all his credit cards. Now he's kill-on-sight in the Underground, and the only person willing to help him is the curvy human mechanic who towed his car. A strangely delectable curvy human mechanic. 

The last thing Erica needs is a yuppie playboy freeloading in her garage. Still, she can't bring herself to turn Drew out into the sultry heat, even if he is a bit of an ass. A gorgeous, incorrigible, everything-your-mother-warned-you-against ass. Soon the heat isn't the only thing sultry in the garage and self-control is the last thing on her mind. They agree to a one-night stand, but Drew's magical secrets are dangerous-and catching up to him fast. 

My Review:
Sweetly bad was amazing!
It has a fantastic plot with entertaining yet intriguing characters...The more you read it the more you want to read even more..

>>Erica..What a feisty little lady!!..Despite her own insecurities,she is a great judge of character and has a unique perspective of the world and the people in it..I see her as the Girl Next Door that everyone loves..She is a kind and generous person..Due to that,she sometimes lets things slide,even though she shouldn't..Thus, others (no name calling!) may use that to their advantage..

Erica is quite a special character!I really loved her reactions to almost everything that was happening in the entire book..The fact that I see myself in her may have something to do with it..However,Erica is the perfect combination of strength and insecurities,sweetness and sex appeal,stubborness and vulnerability..

>>Drew Drew..He was so fun to read!I laughed a lot with him and at him..He may have been quite immature in the beginning and a Player..Ok ok he was the epitome of inconsideration..But it was crystal clear from the very beginning that he was a good guy..He hid it,because he didn't like it..But he was a good guy..Erica just took that to the surface..Erica isn't shallow or selfish and that was what intrigued Drew..He hadn't met anyone like her in his life..

He realised that for the first time in his life,he wasn't enough..That what he did wasn't enough..And more than that,he realised that he didn't like what and who he had become..He looked at Erica and saw who he really wanted to be..He needed her to be proud of him..He needed to be worthy of her..Because he simply couldn't live without her..

Marking him as a rogue may have started all these events..But I strongly believe meeting Erica was the catalyst..Meeting her was the wake up call he needed to have..The rogue thing just pushed him towards that..

In conclusion,Sweetly Bad was sweetly delicious!I loved reading it and I loved re-reading it!Erica and Drew make a wonderful couple and they are worth reading!
It's a romance with supernatural elements and quite the sense of humour!
I consider it a MUST READ!

About the author:
She writes sexy stories about diners,witches,werewolves,vampires and alpha males to make you slobber your e-reader..
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And finally,I have an Exclusive Character Interview with our male protagonist Drew!!!

First of all, welcome Drew to my place. Thank you for coming over here!
  •      So,what was your first impression of Erica? Sure, she seemed and I quote you “sweaty, disheveled and with black under her fingernails” but what was your heart telling you?
*scratches his chin* To be honest, I was sweaty, disheveled and impatient so I wasn’t exactly in a receptive mood. I remember thinking she was a knockout—that face, she’s got a really nice face—but that she’d taken too long to arrive. She also only had eyes for my car. That takes the steam out of a guy’s sails, ya know?
  •      I don’t want to sound too judgmental, but what in God’s name made you think it was ok to call almost every woman in Manchester, call each of them “babe” and ask for a night of fun in front of Erica? I mean, it wasn’t your finest or smartest moment. You could have acted otherwise, my friend.
*groans* Great. You gotta go dredging that up, too? Erica hasn’t let me forget about that either. In my defense, I hadn’t seen the error of my ways at that point. I know better now. That “B-word” is strictly off limits. I’m trying out a few new ones on Erica. But she hits me every time I call her “buttercup” or “bambikins”. *grins wickedly*
  •     From the beginning, I noticed that your family isn’t very umm well..You’re not very close..So, I’m wondering how was your relationship with your mother and your brother, before the whole Rogue thing.
Aston has always thought I was a no-good wastrel. He claims he spent all his time cleaning up my messes. A few months ago I would have snorted at that thought. Looking back now, I can see that he probably did a good deal of damage control. Now I understand some of why he’s resented me. I’m glad he finally loosened up a little. And I hope he’s happy off doing…whatever it is people do on sailboats for months on end.
Amand…er my mother…well, what do I say about her? Before the fallout of my failed engagement, I was her golden boy. I could do no wrong. Or so I thought. Apparently she was trying to get me to change my ways. That’s news to me, but…I suppose most of what she said went in one ear and out the other. Now, I’m avoiding her and her part of the state. Let her rule over Manchester. It’s what she’s always wanted. But let’s just say that if she ever becomes regional priestess, I’m moving to Vermont.
  •      And since we are on the family subject, let’s stay on it for a while. Shall we?  Why do you call your mother Amanda? Is it an Aer thing, a witch thing or a Hazea thing?
That’s what Sean Anil called her and I idolized him so I started calling her that, too. It made her twitch at first, which made it so much more fun. But she didn’t correct me. *shrugs*
  •      Family is such a tricky part of our lives. In fact, Erica’s sister sounds like a real piece of work. What did you make of her? I really enjoyed how you handled her by the way.
*glances behind him* Is Erica out there? *coughs and lowers his voice* Erica’s sister is almost as spoiled as I was. She needs a day of reckoning like I had. But her kids aren’t beyond saving. *grins*
  •      You had many “firsts” these past days. You even met the green monster called Jealousy, I believe. How did you feel when you were watching Erica talk with her ex Jared or with that deputy sheriff? Did you have any violent thoughts? 
How did I feel watching her talk with them? Like I wished I had my money back so I could buy her something nice. I’m glad I didn’t because she would have just laughed at me for it.
Violent thoughts? As I recall I knocked that douche ex-boyfriend onto his ass with a little focused air. *wiggles his fingers* Jared is going to get his. Mark my words. And “his” is most definitely not Erica.
The deputy sheriff… Yeah. I was jealous. But he has guns and I have magic. It’s not a fair fight. I’d win. In any case, I’ve met him since. He’s a good guy. And Erica has promised I’m the only douche for her.
  •      You said you were afraid of rejection and that’s why you were leaving all the women you had slept with. Because you didn’t want to give them the chance of rejecting you. Everyone is afraid of rejection, but you kinda took it to the next level. Why do you think you were so terrified? Do you think it will ever go away?
I was so terrified because deep down I knew I was a no-good wastrel. Now that I’m taking cooking classes to become something…better I know I have things to contribute to a relationship.
Do I think it will ever go away? Probably not fully. I mean, as you say, everyone is afraid of rejection. That’s the plunge you take when you put yourself out there. I can only hope I never have to look again. I’m happy right where I am. Now I just have to make sure she is happy right where she is.
  •      Sorry for quoting you yet again, but Aer you say some awesome lines! **laughing** So, you claim that you envy everything about Erica. You obviously admire her, as well. What quality of hers do you admire the most? And what drives you crazier than usual?
They should put me in a movie. Zac Efron could play me. *waves his hand* Ignore that Zac’s not blond. Uh…*rubs his head* The one that drives me craziest is easy to pinpoint: that she puts up with so much bullshit she really shouldn’t. But…you know, that’s the one that earned me a shot with her so I can’t be too upset. *shows his clenched teeth anyway*
The one I admire most…it seems like it changes every day. I’m still amazed how she took on my mother. So her bravery…fighting for something she believes in…yeah, that’s sexy.
  •       Let’s talk about some more about you and Erica. How did you come up with the breakfast idea?
I’d always wanted to learn how to cook. Those chefs on television make it look so easy. It’s not. But it’s also not an insurmountable feat. I knew I needed something that would prove I could change and fast or she was going to kick me to the curb. What better way than to wake her up with a massive, home-cooked breakfast? I’d had this whole speech prepared about how she needed an in-home chef. It was really corny. I’m glad I didn’t have to use it.
  •      She is quite unpredictable, isn’t she? What did you think it would be her reaction to you being a witch? You must have been quite anxious about it.
We hear these horror stories about humans demanding we be burned at the stake when they discover what we can do. Especially up here in New England, so close to Salem. So I had no idea what Erica’s reaction would be. I certainly didn’t think she was going to accept it as readily as she did. Frankly, that was wicked weird. I guess it makes sense now that I’ve gotten to know her better. She rolls with just about everything.
  •      What your first thought when you saw that Erica persuaded your mother to withdraw you from the Rogue List?
That I’d never be good enough to be worthy of her. Fortunately, I’m selfish enough to keep her anyway.
  •      I asked you before about your relationship with you family before the whole Rogue thing. What about after? Do you even want a relationship with them? Personally, I feel that your mother has to apologize very truthfully.
I’ve got some humble pie to eat where Aston is concerned. That’s something I want to do face-to-face but if he stays away much longer, I’ll have to blurt it out on the phone. I think we’re going to be in a much better place after that’s out. We’re already doing better. We talk on the phone now and then. Mostly when he’s bragging about fish inches. I really don’t understand the draw on that. It’s not like it’s…*cough* Well, you might have younger viewers here so I’ll stop right there.
My mother… ask me in a few years. I’m not sure an apology is going to do much at this point. I’d just as soon never see her again.
  •      Last question for you Drew and then you can go back to Erica. How do you see your future? How would you like it to be?
First on the To-Do list is deal with Jared even if Erica is squeamish about it. In the meantime, I’m learning more about car stuff so I can help her with the phone at the shop. I’m going to keep practicing this cooking thing and taking opportunities to learn from master chefs. I wouldn’t mind opening up a little restaurant over in Keene eventually. It’s a small city—just the right size for getting my feet wet.
I feel like I need to accomplish something before I can ask her to marry me, you know? *sighs*
My happily ever after is right here in Stoddard with Erica. But that shower… *pulls a face* We’d at least need to update the shower.

Thank you so much for coming, Drew! Greetings to your girl!
Thanks for having me! *offers a blintz on his way out* Try that and let me know what you think. I’m testing a new recipe. 


  1. Thanks for hosting and reading, Mia! I'm glad you enjoyed the read. Drew had fun doing the interview even though you made him squirm a little.

    1. Hi Anya!!..It was my pleasure!!...Yeah I do make people squirm...mmm...He pulled through,though...


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