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BLOG TOUR :: Hearts on the Line Series by Nadia Lee

Vengeful in Love
Hearts on the Line, Book 1
Publication Date: December 19, 2013


Revenge is sweet...

Self-made billionaire Alex Damon wants his pound of flesh from the people who ripped his family apart. When he discovers his enemies' daughter is working at his company -- and most likely spying for them -- he decides to start his revenge by seducing her.
Natalie Hall is stunned at the personal interest from the CEO of her company. Vulnerable, with an already bruised heart, she wants to avoid any involvement -- but she can't deny the desire he arouses in her.

...but love is sweeter...

What should've been a straightforward eye-for-an-eye starts to unravel as Natalie's unflinching loyalty and kindness begin to thaw Alex's cold intent. But caring for her is unthinkable...since he plans to use everything in his power to ruin her family and everyone else she holds dear.

Vengeful in Love is one of the best fast-paced books I’ve ever read! It’s highly entertaining and does not have a single dull moment in it!

The plot is vaguely familiar, but it is so well written that anything even remotely similar to it simply pales in comparison. It’s a book that you don’t want to finish, simply because you cannot stand the idea of the ending. You just want it to go on and on…It’s incredible! Its pace is fast, but the characters are finely developed and described in such detail that it rivals full-length novels. It’s also smart and funny, playful and sexy in a romantic sort of way.

There’s not a thing I didn’t love in this book. In fact, when I finished it, I may have screamed out of frustration. Yes it was that good!

What impressed me the most is the incredible writing Nadia Lee showed in this book. The reader usually falls in love with full-length novels, with more drama and romance. But this book just captivates you and the characters are really mesmerizing!

To be honest, I’m a huge fan of this book and I cannot stop praising it!

I loved every single thing about this book!! It serves no purpose to delve into the characters, because they are worth reading without ANY spoilers!!!! Plus, there are only so many ways for me to tell you how much I loved the characters and the book, don’t you thing?!

RECOMMENDATION: You should buy it immediately!!

Book Page:  Goodreads

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Reunited in Love
Hearts on the Line, Book 2

Publication Date: January 9, 2014


A temporary reunion...

Newly jobless and adrift, former investment banker Kerri Wilson travels to Virginia to see her best friend and regroup, only to run into billionaire playboy Ethan Lloyd. It's been years since she's snuck out of his bed after the most amazing sex of her life, and he's so not her type -- she likes them tall, dark and manageable. But he's too hot to resist, and she succumbs to another sizzling, no-strings-attached (or so she thinks) night.

Unwilling to let her go this time, Ethan makes a simple proposition: a job, a place to stay, and an exclusive affair that will end when either of them finds someone else. But with her dark, painful past catching up to her, Kerri may have to bolt again -- even though her heart is telling her to stay. 

And Ethan's not giving her up without fighting to make their "temporary" arrangement something far more permanent...

Book Page:  Goodreads

Buy Links can be found here on publication date (1/9/14):

Author bio:

Bilingual former management consultant Nadia Lee has lived in four different countries and enjoyed many adventures and excellent food around the globe. In the last eight years, she has kissed stingrays, been bitten by a shark, ridden an elephant and petted tigers.
She shares an apartment overlooking a river and palm trees in Japan with her husband and son. When she's not writing, she can be found digging through old Asian historical texts or planning another trip.

Social Links:

Long Excerpt:

“You’re not really interested in talking about work, are you?”


“So why did you pretend otherwise?”

A hint of humor tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Would you be here if I’d told you the truth?”


“There you go.” He gave her an unrepentant grin.

“Devious,” she said, her voice deliberately cool.

He spread his hands. “But hardly criminal. What is criminal is ignoring a smart, sexy woman.”

If he’d shown any sign of mockery or insincerity—even outright flattery—she’d have walked out on him, CEO or not. But somehow the simple way he spoke made her believe he truly found her desirable. His gaze roamed over her as if he could impart the carnality of his presence onto her.

Sudden images of their bodies, naked and panting, raced through her mind, leaving her breathless. Every feminine intuition in her said that if she showed even a tinge of interest, he’d make love to her until she drowned in sensation. A man like him wouldn’t want anything messy like emotional entanglement. Earth-shattering ecstasy was all he promised, all she could ever expect from him.

Well, too bad. Marcus O’Dell had been good in bed, and it just wasn’t enough. She wanted a man who could love her unconditionally and for the long term.

“I don’t do the interoffice dating thing,” she said. “It’s kind of a rule with me. So, although this is really flattering, it’s not going to work out. Maybe you should find another woman who’ll be happy with what you’re offering.”

He regarded her calmly. “I don’t want another woman. And I think it is going to work out.”

“You do?”

“Come on, you feel it. There’s a lot of chemistry going on here.”

True…but still. She gave him her best oh-come-now laugh. “I’m not a teenager anymore. I don’t let my hormones make my decisions for me.”

“Wanna bet?”

Natalie raised an eyebrow. “Do I want to bet?”

“I’ll bet you that you’ll have dinner with me again before the week’s over.”

“And if I do? Then what?”

“Then you lose the bet and owe me a full weekend to change your mind about this ‘no interoffice dating’ rule of yours.”

“What do I get if you lose?”

“Oh, I won’t lose. But if I do, I’ll give you a million dollars.”

Her jaw dropped so fast she was surprised it didn’t hit the table. He couldn’t be serious. A million dollars?

Their food arrived. Although it smelled absolutely tantalizing, her stomach was knotted too tightly to even think about eating. She could already feel the champagne churning dangerously.

The waiter left, and Natalie leaned forward. “You’re joking, right?” she said in a strained whisper.

“About what?” He popped a chunk of steak into his mouth. The chef had taken his instructions seriously. The meat looked like it had barely touched the grill.

“About the bet.”

“Not at all. One with six zeros behind it. Cash or wire, your choice.”

She stared at him. There wasn’t even a trace of humor on his face. Her heartbeat accelerated a little, and she shook her head. “You’re going to lose.”

Sighing, he put a hand over his heart. “You wound me. Would you truly condemn me to eating alone for the next four days?”

“Oh at least that, if not forever.”

A boyishly charming smile lit his face. “Is that so? Then it’s a bet?”

As they gazed across the table, Natalie felt something stirring inside. It was more than just sexual attraction. Her feminine core was flattered that he found her desirable enough to risk a million dollars. And amused by and envious of his unshakable confidence that he could win her over in four days and a weekend.

Marcus’s abrupt ending of their relationship had made her feel undesirable. She hadn’t been able to muster much interest in men since. Not until now.

Would it be so terrible for her to indulge in a flirtation with Alex for a little while?

Her eyes holding his, she picked up her silverware, pushing the fork into her steak and then drawing the knife through it slowly and deliberately. “You’re on.”

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