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BLOG TOUR :: Yearning Absolution by Rachel Orman

Book: Yearning Absolution
Author: Rachel Orman
Published: October,2013
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Gwen has finally landed her first fashion design job, working under her amazing boyfriend, Cole. While her girlfriend, McKayla, is busy with her modeling job, things start to shift in their unique relationship. 

Unexpected surprises cause a whirlwind of change to sweep through their once happy lives. 

As the people around her change, so do their relationships… When all is said and done sometimes only heartbreak is left.

Just when Gwen thought life was good, she is thrust into one catastrophe after another. 

Will Gwen’s life be able to withstand even more turmoil, tears and blood? 

Can she fulfill the dreams she has held onto for so long, while accepting new dreams that she never knew she had? Or will everything come crashing down on her?

Yearning Absolution is a great book in general and also great as a sequel/final book in a series. I think I enjoyed Yearning Devotion more than this one, however. Don’t ask me why, because I’m not entirely sure myself.

The Series is about a love triangle, a complicated one, with Qwen the center of it. This triangle is not your ordinary one. It’s a very different kind of story with very special characters. A woman in love with one woman and a man..Yepp..You got it right..My biggest issue was that I could not relate to the story at all..But if they are happy with their situation, who is anyone to judge?

I really like Rachel Orman’s writing. She’s creative and her writing is both provocative and elegant! Also, it takes guts to write a story like this one..Because like I said, it’s not typical..I cannot wait to read more of Rachel’s books..She’s a great writer to follow and stalk on Amazon! Xoxo

Yearning Absolution is a great book, like I stated above! It has a great storyline, it flows gracefully. There are no gaps whatsoever..I believe that if the book had Cole’s POV ,as well, would be more interesting. You know, just to have more perspective into this extraordinary love triangle. Plus, another weird thing I felt while reading the book was that I liked every major character individually but not them as a couple, as together.

“Teaser I kind of screamed “NO” like a crazy maniac at one moment..Thank God I didn’t, because it was like 3 am…

In conclusion,

If you enjoy different/special stories, this is the ONE for you!

If you enjoy a well written romance, then again this is the ONE for you!

If you’re more conservative, then switch to something else..(And yes my Dirty Naughty Girls, there are conservative ladies out there..Don’t Look at me like that!) …

In any case, Rachel Orman has to be on your Watch-List…..

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Author bio:

Rachael is a stay at home mom with 2 young daughters and a husband that keep her constantly on her toes. She lives in the extremely hot state of Arizona, where she reads and writes away the blistering heat outside. She is a cancer survivor with a quirky personality. She’s been an avid reader for as long as she can remember and been writing since she was in high school. Her hopes of being a writer were crushed when she was young but one day she decided she was going to do what makes her happy and that was to write.

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