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Love is... A charity anthology of 40 short stories of love & romance

All proceeds to benefit Reach Out and Read!!!

Love is…

...forty stories of first loves, friends to lovers, and the heat of the moment. Join forty authors, including multiple New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, as they take you on a romantic ride through time and space.

From the dazzling ballrooms of Regency historical romance to contemporary love from sweet n' dreamy to kinky n' steamy, to the wide open frontier of science fiction romance and magical worlds of far away fantasy realms, sample the best that romance has to offer!

Every short story is the perfect candy-sized nugget to read over a cup of coffee or before falling asleep at night.


Story List

Hidden Attraction*

I never thought a short story could be that meaningful and hide so many scars and emotions..

John is such a good man, with scars from his past that hinder his happiness..

And only a woman like Sara could bring the light out of a man like John..

They are amazing together..They complete each other, but most importantly they make each other so extremely happy..They are perfect together..

So when secrets come to light, so does their love…

5 Glorious stars go to Hidden Attraction!

Thunder and Loving*

Thunder and Loving was a pure delight! I enjoyed it very much..However, I would really like it to be a novel..I’m not nearly done with those 2 naughty characters..

Ris is absolutely amazing and adorable, while Gabe is as sexy as amusing..
They didn’t have as many dialogues, but what they were thinking are INCREDIBLE! Their personalities are meant to entertain us..

5 Glorious stars go to this one..

Falling hard*

Falling hard is about 2 friends reuniting, 2 people in love discovering love again.

Mia Carderas is such an ambiguous character. Her behaviour is misleading most of the times, since we do not know her way of thinking. She acts like a confident beautiful successful woman, who isn’t phazed with her jerk of a fiancee. But even her choice of having that man as a fiancee is inexplicable, as her lack of love towards him is quite apparent.

Mia Carderas is an enigma that I’d like to solve.

Reed is our regular hot-as-sin, blunt and fierce alpha male. He doesn’t take crap and after all those years, he is still the overprotective guy who would kill for Mia. But, how they left things is somewhat mysterious. His reasons are explained, but his actions..He’s a man who should have known better..But like I said, he is a man..

So, 4 pretty stars go to Falling Hard….

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about author
The Love is... anthology features 40 authors from the Romance Divas writing community. Some contributors are NYT and USA Today bestsellers. Others have their first published story in this collection. All share a love of romance, a strong spirit of collaboration and a keen interest in promoting reading at all ages. We are proud to support the literacy charity, Reach Out and Read, with the proceeds of this anthology.


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