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From the bestselling author of In Search of Lucy

Four Friends. Four Different Paths. One Unwavering Friendship.

Four life-long friends bound by two decades of laughter, love, promises, and secrets. Once inseparable, the four grow into independent adults pursuing very different paths. 

Sage, raised by career-driven parents, follows a carefully laid out future of success that leaves her wondering what she's missed out on. 

Emily, the college drop-out, now has three children that have become her whole life. She's slowly lost herself, subconsciously seeking dangerous ways to cope. Can she find herself in time? 

Jax always lived on the edge, skating through life with no apparent ambition, yet remained the energy and emotional cement of the group. She longs for her friends to accept her without trying to fix her. 

Ned, Emily's twin brother, yearns to stand up and be counted. But his old loyalties and new feelings for one of the girls has him pulled in different directions. 

Will the ties that held them together as kids be strong enough for them as adults? These four friends will discover the true meaning of friendship and unveil truths about themselves they never knew existed.

 A Stellar 4.5

This book is the one literature lovers are constantly looking for…It’s the one that satisfies their needs for a good book..

Circle in the sand practically screams quality from the first page..It is sensational…If you’re looking for beauty, then this is it..

The book is written by multiple POVs (Ned, Sage, Jax and Emily)..When I saw that, I have to admit I was very wary, since it’s a tactic that rather does the authors harm than good. But this is not the case with Lia and I was very happy about that. The book is a pure joy to read..The multiple POVs are actually very welcome and extremely well written, while the story never fades or strains.

It’s a really magnificent book..

As I said, the multiple POVs were exemplary. The writing is graceful and Lia’s words seem to flow, the one into the other, without difficulty, but with elegance.

The characters are also excellently developed. Every character is very different from the other, but they are all very well described and introduced to the reader. It really feels like reading about a real friends’ group…

It’s really a fantastic book that takes your mind and breath away..

While reading it, it feels like you are one of the group, talking to the characters themselves. It’s really mesmerizing..It’s been a while since I read a book like this one..A real book about real people with real problems..But without putting me into depression..It maintains a hopeful and joyful attitude, even though we’re actually talking about reality..And we all know that isn’t all hearts and flowers, like our Mr.Grey says .

I absolutely recommend this book, without a doubt!! Lia is an amazing writer..

She’s actually outstanding..
The story is beautiful and sweet and the characters are easy to love..

Review Request Provided by Author Alliance via Lia Fairchild

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