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BLOG TOUR :: Love Shots by Sidonia Rose (GIVEAWAY)

Title: Love Shots 
Author: Sidonia Rose 
Genre: New Adult 
Date: April 4, 2014 
Publisher: Self Published 
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Kyle Pierce used to know what she wanted. At the top of her list was the perfect boyfriend. She found him in Lance Makin her senior year in high school. She was the head cheerleader and he was the new star quarterback. Even going to separate colleges was no problem for them. It was perfect until the weekend it all changed for Kyle. 

She has new priorities that include her own education, making new friends and most importantly NO DATING! 

That is until Nicholas Richards moves into her world. He’s not taking no for an answer. He’s her friend and he wants her to date him. Kyle isn’t going to date Nick. She doesn’t mind hanging out or running errands. She tells him and everyone else they are friends. 

 Can they really be just friends?

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Love Shots is the combination of sweetness and tragedy..

So much sadness and so much waste...

Kyle is such a strong young woman, who has survived so much...The tragedy of that one night, the loss of her friends and boyfriend, the loss of trust and respect from her family..But she still tries to see the good in them..She still tries to understand them and give excuses for them..

Personally,I'm not wired like that..I can see where her family comes from and why they don't believe her..But I can't understand their behaviour..Yes it is somewhat justified, generally speaking..But this is not general..It's their daughter,their sister..They should have believed in her a lot more..After all, it was just one night..And because of that,they made her feel like she shouldn't be happy..Like she deserved to be along for the rest of her life..Why?Because of one night..That is unacceptable..

My heart broke for Kyle..I was in tears,during her confession,her outburst..Everyone should feel worthy,no matter their mistakes..

Seriously,I wanted to get into the book and kick some major ass...

So,you may have noticed how intense my words are..I love Kyle and I love her story.Not how she was treated of course..But I loved the book..Sidonia made a somewhat ordinary story into a special and unique story involving special characters into special situations...

It has Romance and it has Mystery..Tragedy and Smiles..Sadness but Hope,too..Darkness and Light..Love, Betrayal and Secrets..

Congratulations Sidonia for this wonderful book!

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About the Author

Sidonia Rose lives in suburban Maryland with her family. Sidonia has a long love affair with books. She started early by memorizing her Dr. Seuss books read to her, so she could read them to her parents instead. She is often found with a book in her hands or a couple of books so she can lend to a friend. You can often spot her by her toe shoes. After a long career homeschooling she continued onward to pursue her love of books by writing her own books. Love Shots is her first novel released in 2014.

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