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Sophomore Callista Trent is used to being the anonymous new girl. But when her mother’s nomadic job finally keeps her family in one place long enough to force Callista to settle in, she wants none of it. She doesn’t expect it to last, anyway—it never does.
She also doesn’t expect to stumble across a group of shinobi, modern-day ninjas who also happen to be high school students. Or for them to claim destiny sent her to join them. Or for the hot, harmonica-playing loner from her chemistry class to be one of the instructors.
For once, she starts to think that maybe she could belong somewhere. But she quickly learns her new friends aren’t running some casual karate school. And when Callista’s assigned to a dangerous mission they say only she can complete, she begins to suspect it wasn’t destiny that brought her to the shinobi at all but a carefully laid plan. 

Oh, and the worst part? The boy she thought she could trust may have known the truth all along.
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Let me give you my first thoughts on the book, before I got to read it..The title was quite intriguing, so when I saw it, I immediately went to check it out. I really liked the originality of the book..It is unique and there is nothing like it..It is so very different..Plus, it sounded fun soo I asked to enter the Blog Tour..

Nothing could prepare me for what I found……

Just Call me A Ninja-Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is amazing!!

I absolutely adored every minute of it…

It is quite long, so I figured that this would keep me busy for 2 days...Yeah well that backfired..I slept 4 hours, before I had to wake up and leave...Why?..Because this book had me hanging from every page..

It is thrilling and adventurous and so freaking fun!! I couldn’t put it down and I certainly couldn’t slow down either…

The characters always surprised me and the story was unpredictable!

The characters are young students, so we had the “normal” teenage behaviour..But we also had maturity, intensity, real emotion, while the book maintained its light but adventurous aura…

I cannot wait for the next book..I want to have it, like yesterday...It was a real kill-joy that I didn’t have the second book..Crazy?? Maybe..But oh so very true…

The author turned the ordinary to extraordinary in this case…….Huge Congratulations on this amazing book!! Can’t wait for the sequel and hopefully sequels !!!!!

5+++ Golden Glittery Stars!!!!!!!

Clare Haltom Bio:

Clare Haltom lives in sunny southern California. She can usually be found jumping over waves at the beach, eating Pringles salt-side down, and trying to avoid ninja assassins.
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  1. I sincerely hope I have persuaded you for this book's awesomeness.. :)

  2. Sounds interesting


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