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Title: The Billionaire Bargain Part 3
Series: The Billionaire Bargain #3
Author: Lila Monroe


Last week I was in the penthouse with a sexy Australian billionaire. Now I’m back to Netflix Friday nights and leftover takeout. And it’s all my fault.

I’m the one who left the high life behind, and all because I couldn’t bring myself to go through with a sham marriage to my sexy boss Grant Devlin — because I went and fell in love with him for real.

I know, stupid.

Now he won’t talk to me, my job is hanging by a thread, and oh yeah, an evil plot to take over Devlin Media Corp means all my hard work could be for nothing. If we’re going to save the company, I need Grant’s help.

Help that doesn’t include hot sex in the copy room.

Wish me luck.

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Now this is a great finale!!

It had grit and love and hotness and ‘crime’-solving all in one small package!!

You may already know this, but I LOVE a strong young woman, who doesn’t back down and stands on her own feet. Lacey is that kind of woman. She faced hell, a public and personal one. She faced a hostile environment, but she still stood tall. She was fierce and her inner strength is one of the things I loved in this book.

I also liked the fact that Grant took responsibility of his professional and personal life. He seemed more complete in this book. He had it all. A good heart, hotness, a keen mind, love for Lacey…

The story took a somewhat unpredictable turn and I liked that, too.

Part 3 was simply more that the other two. While the first one was the funniest, the third one was the best since everything fell in place.

The characters seemed  more real. The story was more intense.

Everything about Part 3 was better!!

Another thing I loved was how they worked together. Those pages were magnificent!!

I really really really loved this book!!!

So, hurry up and grab it!

Part 3 receives 5 Amazing Stars, because the characters got what they deserved -literally and figuratively- -good and bad- !!

And overall, The Billionaire Bargain Series gathers an impressive 4.5 Star- average!!

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What a lovely sequel to a seriously entertaining first book!!

The dialogues are still funny and I did enjoy it very much!!

However, the first book was really AMAZING and the second one wasn’t just as great as the first one was, in my opinion. I didn’t see or feel that spark that I saw and felt with the first one. Yes, it is entertaining. Yes it is funny. And it’s definitely sexy.

Our couple grew in this book. They connected and not just in an intimate way. They understood each other. They felt for each other.

The most significant part of this book was that they fell for each other and we saw those feelings growing. The more time they spent with one another, the more they fell. Not to mention that we had our first glimpse of Grant and Lacey working together.

Not fooling around.

Not joking around.

They worked together.

They trust each other, so their relationship grew stronger by that. It wasn’t only passion that fueled them. It was trust and affection.

So, Part 2 receives 4 Fabulous Stars for a beautiful sequel that will lead to a great finale!

Author Bio

Combining her love of writing, sex and well-fitted suits, Lila Monroe wrote The Billionaire Bargain. Lila enjoys writing, as it gives her a flexible schedule to spend time with her kids and a wonderful excuse to avoid them. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who strips out of his well-fitted suits nightly.

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