Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Play With Me

Play With Me
Play With Me by Kristen Proby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After Nate and Juliannes's story,this is my next favourite of the series (including and the 4th book)!!

The story is wonderful..It rotates around both Will and Meg.And we see how their lives are individually..Something we haven't seen in the previous books.

Meg has been through more than the average person should have to endure.And yet she is happy with "her kids",as she calls them..Her work is outstanding.Nurse in a unit with cancer teenager patients?That's so cruel.Yet she goes there with a smile,to make others smile and forget even for a little while the hell they're in..
However,that means "she's in a relationship with her job".She doesn't have a social life and coincidentally she meets Jules again and Will.

Will is our "Football Star".He is cocky but he isn't arrogant at all..he considers himself lucky for being at the position he is,but that's not true.He has worked hard to be where he is..Meaning at the top of the game,100million contracts don't go to lucky people..I love the fact that he is overprotective and the glares he gives Meg,when he is either jealous or nervous for her safety..But most of all,I love the fact that he takes care of Megan.He gives her everything because she is everything.Even though she doesn't want it,he will provide it..

Sometimes,we must let people take care of us,even if we're not used to that..Sometimes,it's good to let ourselves just be..Sometimes,it's ok to change our ways for someone..

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