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Title: Save Me From Myself (Nashville Nights #1)
Author: Stacey Mosteller
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: January 15, 2014


Lyric Hayes spent the first 22 years of her life trying to be the perfect daughter and the perfect girlfriend. After a tragedy and her fiance’s betrayal, she's running. Starting over far away from the person she used to be.

She's made herself a vow - no relationships. She's trying to heal, not complicate her life further. 

David Pearson has it all. Confidence, awesome friends, successful business. But, David's dealt with loss too. He knows better than anyone not to judge by what's on the surface. 

Drawn to Lyric despite her inability to trust, he'll do anything to own her heart. 

Will secrets and misunderstandings send Lyric running again? Or will David finally save her from herself?  

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 5+++ Stars

It’s always a delight when you read a really and I mean really good book..And Save me from myself is an incredible book..But when you realize that this incredible book you just read is actually the debut of the author, you are left awestruck, speechless and yes with your jaw dropped..Yes, Stacey you did that to me!

Before I read the book, I saw that it has a remarkable 4.8 on Amazon..Not that I typically check the ratings before I read a book, but it happens..So, that 4.8 and having heard that Stacy Mosteller rocks, I had high expectations..And unfortunately, those high expectations of ours don’t usually do us any good in the end..Well, Save me from myself proved the ratings and my friends right! And oh I am so very happy about that..

I loved David and Lyric so very much..They inserted themselves in my heart..They are amazing characters to build a story on..And umm Stacy, we wouldn’t mind if you wrote another one for them..Just saying...But you could umm omit the SB 2.0 (those who read the book understand that it isn’t a code, hehe; those of you who haven’t read it,well hurry up,people!)

5 Stars ARE NOT ENOUGH!!!! Arg! I think I need to create a 5+ section for the spectacular books...That is a good idea…

Save me from myself belongs to The Spectaculars!!

About the Author


I am a 32 year old wife and working mom to 3 boys, ages 15, 13, and 8! After spending the first half of my life in a small town outside of Philadelphia, PA, my parents moved my brother and I to another small town outside of Greensboro, NC. I moved to Hickory, NC after marrying my husband. We dated a total of three months before getting married, and we’d known each other for a total of six! People thought we were crazy, but 2014 marks our 10 year anniversary, so it obviously worked out! I’ve always been a huge book lover, even though I hated doing book reports in school! I could never figure out the main idea, but I could quote the book word for word. Back in 2012, I found Fifty Shades, and after staying up all night one Friday to read all three books, I was hooked! I started a book blog, and kept reading everything I could. Then, I found Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines, and couldn’t stop reading. 

My husband told me that I should write my own book since I was spending so much on Kindle books – by June, I’d read over 500! – and after blowing him off for a few months, I decided to try to write the story I kept seeing in my head. I had an idea for a story about a girl who’d been raised by her brother, but when I started writing, the brother of the main female kept taking over, to the point I was writing things in his POV instead of hers, so I shelved it, and started writing Save Me From Myself instead. I finally told a few fellow book bloggers about my story, and they started encouraging me to finish it, so here we are! It’s been an absolutely insane ride, and I can’t wait to share these characters with everyone!

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