Friday, October 3, 2014

Review: Making over the Billionaire

Making over the Billionaire
Making over the Billionaire by Joan Kilby

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Making over the billionaire is a wonderful book to read and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

The story is very original and the characters are well developed. The book is a delight and actually pretty fun, empowered with beautifully written sexy steamy scenes that took our breaths away!

The book had its amazing moments and its good moments, which is why I gave it 4 stars..

Like I said, the story is very original. And it’s one of the best things about it. Avid readers, like me, read almost tons of books. So, some stories can’t help but feel or seem familiar. I’m not sure I’m able to tell you how much I respect and admire the author who gets something different out there and how much I enjoy the book, whether it’s amazing or good or even less than good. It’s original and that fact is too significant, but it isn’t always pinpointed.

Second of all, it was fun to read. All the characters were fun and funny that it made this original story very entertaining. it was like watching a TV show waiting for the next bomb, for the next mischief to occur. And, oh how I love fun characters! Their lines were catchy and funny and they made the characters much more approachable and also lightened the story significantly.

However, there were some points in the story that looked somewhat exaggerated and a little too much. I believe that the author wanted to create a fun book, with its ludicrous and humorous elements, but it sometimes went too far. For example, 3 intelligent women couldn’t find one man and make him talk to them? And they assigned the kidnapping to a woman they previously knew nothing about? The sisters were fun yes, but they were what pushed the story too far. It just seemed too far fetched and not believable.

However, the book was rescued by its leading characters. Giorgio and Layla are fantastic! They feel real, they seem real and their reactions are just amazing! I loved every scene with them! Whether it was a steamy scene, a fight or argument or just a simple scene, Giorgio and Layla really gave it all. Their chemistry is scorching and deep at the same time. It felt like watching two people, two very different and wounded people fall in lust and in love with each other..It was a wonderful journey to experience!

In conclusion, the book has humor and sexiness all over it. It’s focused on 2 really great characters with beautiful stories to tell on their own but also together.

So, Making over the billionaire receives 4 Gorgeous Stars!!

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