Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Review: Jake Understood

Jake Understood
Jake Understood by Penelope Ward

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a breathtaking novel this is!

There are no words to describe how I felt while reading this book.

It was everything a fan of the Gemini, Jake Undone and My Skylar could ever wish for.

It was perfect!

It isn’t just the same story, told by the male point of view. This is so much more. It is like Penelope opened a door to Jake’s mind and life. We not only saw the past through his eyes and memories, but we also got to see his future and where he is standing now.

I knew I would love this book, before I even read it. I just knew it. I absolutely adore Penelope’s work and I am certain she is incapable of writing a book I will not love.

Jake Understood is a beautiful, unprecedented masterpiece that shows the quality of Penelope Ward.

It is perfect. It really is.

She is such a creative soul that every single of her books has this Penelope magic that distinguish them from every other book out there.

Jake Understood is another example of her brilliance.

I loved every second of it!!!

I have been with these characters from the beginning. I read and reviewed Gemini, when it was newly released and I have been with Penelope since then. Her writing abilities are one of a kind, and her stories are always intense, inspiring and heartbreaking as they are heartwarming. Her characters feel like real people who just speak to you.

So, yes, I feel like I am their friend. I feel so close to this series and I couldn’t be prouder for their success.

Jake Understood is a masterfully written novel that takes the series and the characters to an even higher dimension.

Penelope, as a fan, I thank you for writing this novel, because now everything feels complete.

Jake Understood receives an Infinity of Stars, because it exudes emotion, intensity, hope and love, as well as quality in the most brilliant and creative way I have ever seen.

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