Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hi, lovelies!

I'm happy to announce the official and professional launch of Mia's Author Services!!!

Mia's Author Services provides every service an author needs to publish a beautiful masterpiece! The goal is to assist the author in every possible way -from explaining basic terms to providing alternative solutions to their problems in low prices but high quality!-

Specifically, the services provided are: 

  • Editing
  • Proofreading 
  • Event Organizing 
  • Web Design (including website updating, if requested), 
  • Beta Reading by my team
  • and PA. 

Below you can find some details:

  • About Editing & Proofreading

I want the Best for YOU, so I work hard to reveal the Best Version Of YOUR BOOK!!

It's not just a quote. It's a rule I live by and a promise I will keep.

I am lucky and honored as I have worked with SJ Molloy, author of the Luminara Series, and Mandy Baker, author of the Alex & Liz novels. You can find testimonials from these two amazing ladies on my website ( ) and you can ask them personally about their experience.

As a friend of many authors and an upcoming author myself, I understand how important your work is to you, your anxiety, your fears and the hundred of questions you will certainly have. As your editor and/or proofreader, I am here as your guide, your guardian angel, your critic and your friend.

Many other editors work based on editing rounds etc. I don't. If you trust me with editing your baby, I will edit it until it's ready to be published. An example of the process is: "After I complete my first editing round with your MS, I will send it back for you to go through every change and suggestion I made. After you apply them, I will edit the new-MS in a similar manner." As far as Proofreading is concerned, I assure you every single error will be detected and corrected. I am quite meticulous about grammar and spelling; rest assured, you will not need to hire a second proofreader -as many authors do- as I will provide a clean and ready to be published novel.

The fees are low as well as dynamic. That means the price will decrease, if I need to work less than estimated on your book, and vice versa. Plus, the prices are based on word count ( <20K, < 50K and >50K). Feel free to email me at for more details.

  • Event Organizing
I have a list of 42 Bloggers who are ready to participate to YOUR EVENT! The events organized are Cover Reveals, Release Day Blasts, Blog Tours and Book Blasts.

Please note that the event will be scheduled after 2 months from the date we confirm our arrangement, since the bloggers are overwhelmed with requests and a certain time period must pass in order to maximize blogger participation. However, if there is an emergency, you can email me and we will work something out.

Genres desired are all sub-genres of Romance (incl. Erotica), Mystery and Fantasy/Paranormal.

  • Web Design & Web Consultancy
Web Consultancy is about evaluating your current website/blog and providing feedback on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tsu, Google+).

Web Design includes Web Consultancy and it may also include updating the website, if requested and needed. 

  • Blogger, WordPress, Weebly and Wiix are known to me and I can easily create your personal e-corner! 
  • If you already have a website (or a domain), I can design or update your existent one, without a problem. 
  • If you don't have any of the above, we can discuss your options and move forward.

  • Beta-Reading & PA
Since the need for beta readers is increasing, I had decided to create a small but reliable group of bloggers and avid readers who are interested and/or have experience in beta reading (but also PA).

Connecting you with a PA is a free service!

Useful Links & Notes:
  1. You can find Mia's Author Services here at .
  2. Don't forget to visit the Packages & Discounts page at !!!!
  3. You can read the Testimonials written by SJ Molloy and Mandy Baker at !
  4. If you are a Blogger or Reader or have a Book related profession, you can join Mia's Team of Specialists at .
  5. HOW TO CONTACT/REQUEST ME: via email at OR via the Contact Form at !

Thank you for reading this long post! Most of all, thank you for your support!!!!

And by the way, my Blogiversary is in June and it's going to be EPIC! So, Stay Tuned!

Happy Reading and Writing,

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