Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review: Conquer Your Love

Conquer Your Love
Conquer Your Love by J.C. Reed

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As you've seen from my reviews,you probably know that I love a man who grovels..a lot..and in the right way..

Jett grovels and displays a different side of himself..We see him getting jealous possessive..We see him losing his unaffected look that we used to see in Surrender Your Love..We see him for who he really is..A man deeply and crazy in love with a woman..A woman he hurt and betrayed..But he doesn't give up..He knows she's IT for him and he pursues her..relentlessly..I have to say that i loved him in this book..

Sensitivity can be sexy,if done right..And Jett is doing it veryy right..

Brooke doesn't know what to believe..And I don't blame her..Once you've been fooled,it's hard to get down on the same way again ,regardless how much you want it..She loves him but she doesn't trust him anymore.She knows it and she owns it..I admire her for that..She's honest to the core...But she kinda sees that he's telling the truth..

And the little surprise..It was adorable!!and the way she told him..Incredible!!...However,I don't know what to expect from the last book..I would be happy if this book were the final one..But either way,Jett and Brooke are soo unique you've gotta love them no matter how many books there are..

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