Tuesday, January 7, 2014

MY REVIEW :: Fighting For Irish by Gina L. Maxwell

Fighting For Irish (Fighting for Love, #3)Fighting For Irish by Gina L. Maxwell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Given by the author for an honest review for her Blog Tour organised by Authors HQ

Fighting for Irish is a great read!! I have to say that I love the Fighting for Love Series! It’s so special and Gina’s writing is mesmerizing, to be honest! So I was so excited to be part of her Blog Tour!!

Like I said before, this book is fantastic. The writing is flawless. What I liked the most about it was how versatile it was! At some points, the pace was fast and you couldn’t read fast enough to get to the next page. However, there were points in the story that let you see the “magic” of the story, as I call it. You get to see when and how the two main characters connect, really connect on an emotional level, besides the physical attraction. You get to see when each character evolves into the better and real version of themselves. Fighting for Irish did that in a way it appeared effortless. Like there was no other way for the story to be told. And this is the greatest part of this book.

However, since it’s a review, I feel that I have to say that the story on its own isn’t quite original. I felt that I’ve read about similar characters acting the similar way in a similar environment. That’s the reason why I don’t give it 5 stars. The writing more than made up for the lack of originality, in my opinion, but still it is significant.

In conclusion,

If you are an avid reader and look for good writing in your books and you enjoy emotional stories with great characters and hot scenes, then you should really go and buy this one. You will absolutely love it!

And of course if you loved the previous books of the series, it’s a no brainer really. And if you haven’t, well you really need to have them!

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