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Jordie Spagnato was content raising her daughter on her own, and running a successful New York City hot spot. 
Enter Nathan Harper: tall, handsome, full of charisma and there to lend a hand when a drunken brawl almost lands Jordie in jail.
Late night walks, rooftop visits and breakfast quickly become their routine until Nathan’s future and Jordie’s past threaten to ruin their lives.

Finding Jordie is a truly amazing book! 

The story is a combination of love, romance, heat, mystery and suspense and of course, tons of humour!! 

I loved it from the first pages where our lovely Jordie was being well Jordie..You'll know what I mean once you start reading it!

Jordie is not an ordinary female leading character! She is really outrageous, but in a very good way! She is very funny, very sweet and very very adorably stubborn! She always has something to say about everything and she speaks her mind. Loud and Clear!

Our Prince Charming is Nathan, who is just adorable! I wanted to grab him from the book and make him stay in my bedroom! He is is exceptionally understanding and just the right combination of sweet and sexy!

The rest of the characters were all very beautifully and expertly created and developed! They turned the book from very good to very great! They just upgraded the whole entity of Finding Jordie!

The only negative thing I have is that it reminded me of another book where another bar owner fell in love with an actor. They are two completely different books, but I haven't read others with similar scenario so this stood out to me. But, I have to say that I liked this one better, anyway!

Finding Jordie is an outstanding novel!!!

I absolutely recommend this read!!!

So, Jordie and her gang get 4.5 Fabulous Stars!!

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Author Bio:
HJ grew up in Bricktown New Jersey, less than an hour away from New York City. As a teenager and early twenties, she loved hanging out in the glamor of NYC. She was a "City Brat" so it was pretty difficult for her to pack her stuff and three cats in 2005, for a life changing road trip, moving to California. She's travelled around the country until she met her better half in 2005.
After serving twelve years in the Air Force, the man of her dreams ended his military career and they moved to Georgia in 2007. Since then, they've settled down in Leesburg GA, and had their first child.
No place has ever come close to replacing the magic of New York City for HJ. So when it was decided to try this romance writing gig out, naturally her first book 'Finding Jordie' would be set there.

HJ enjoys reading, and spending time with her family. Reality TV is a guilty pleasure and she's a sucker for romantic comedies and Robert Pattinson. HJ is a pro at goofing off, She talks with my hands, (She's Italian!) She drinks way too much coffee, and gets too little sleep. Oh, and she has a thing for Jackie-O sized sunglasses. HJ's has five furry kids and most importantly, one beautiful daughter. HJ is always striving to be the best Mom possible.

HJ's very passionate about the things she loves, that's why she was outraged when they cancelled SMASH and Southland! It should be considered a small miracle if you ever get to see a serious or pic of her posing all nice and pretty...She's not that girl. She's a spontaneous goof and believes the best things in life come naturally. Yes, that includes random no make-up selfies during a 2:00a.m. writing marathon.

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