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We are so excited to bring you the Release Day Launch for the BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE! BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE is an Anthology with 5 Erotic Romance novellas by 5 bestselling authors! This may be a mix of tales set in winter, but it is guaranteed to heat you up!

 About BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE Anthology: 

Outside it may be frosty, so turn the heat way up with these stories of desire!  

Can a determined woman executive and a playboy billionaire survive being stranded together in a snowstorm? Jennifer Probst depicts an encounter almost too hot to handle… 

Drew and Kate play an encore to Tangled in this sexy take on a “Christmas Carol” by Emma Chase. When a Christmas Eve argument condemns Drew to a troubled night, three dream women teach him that no gift could be more tantalizing than Kate… 

With Kristen Proby, ski slopes are quite delightful. Grace Douglas is sure she’ll never learn to ski, but instructor Jacob Baxter could teach her lessons of a different kind… Can a southern California transplant survive Montana’s deep snows? 

Melody Anne, author of the bestselling Andersons series,melts the icy drifts completely away with the heat between sexy Hawk Winchester and brand-new teacher Natalie Duncan… What could be hotter than a firefighter? 

Kate Meader shows how hot it can get as Beck Rivera and heiress-turned-tattoo-artist Darcy Cochrane discover that nothing ignites holiday flames like rekindling a lost love…   

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“Safe in His Arms” by Melody Anne in BABY, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE

Hawk looked on nervously as Natalie stepped close to the top of the ladder, stretching her body as far as it would go to hang a star from the ceiling. His stomach flipped over when he saw the bottom of the ladder wobble. She was going to fall and crack her head wide open!

Rushing away from the wall he’d seemingly been holding up, he grabbed on to the bottom of the ladder to steady it, and got a far too close glimpse of the soft white inch of skin showing on her stomach as she stretched out her arms.

Just when he began getting a good handle on himself and his lustful thoughts, he heard an oof and felt the ladder wobble dangerously. He looked back up just in time to see Natalie slip from the rung she’d been barely holding on to. Letting go of the ladder, he held out his arms, then groaned as she landed safely against his chest, her arms automatically reaching up around his neck.

“Oh my gosh!” Her eyes were wide, her mouth open, and her cheeks flushed.

Hawk didn’t even think, didn’t hesitate. He simply closed what little gap there was between them. He might regret this later. Hell, he would regret this later. But right now, oh yes, he had to taste those lips. Feeling almost as if he were in a trance, he ran his fingers through her long and beautiful hair and pulled her head closer to his.

Hawk tried to rein himself in, but he gave up when his lips brushed hers and he felt her breathing change. His first taste of her was like an explosion of flavor, cherries and mint and heat. A whole hell of a lot of heat.

He held on to her tightly as his mouth demanded her full attention. There was no struggle, no awkwardness. It was as if they were made to fit together. He could go on kissing her all night long.

About The Authors:

Jennifer Probst

Jennifer Probst’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels, novellas, and ebooks include the acclaimed Marriage to a Billionaire series, as well as Searching for Someday and Searching for Perfect. She lives in upstate New York. Visit her at www.jenniferprobst.comFacebook ** Twitter ** Goodreads    

       Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Tangles, Twisted, Tamed, and Tied. She lives in a small town in rural New Jersey with her husband and children. Follow Emma on Twitter and Facebook, or visit her ** Twitter ** Goodreads    

Kristen Proby
Kristen Proby is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Loving Cara and Seducing Lauren, as well as the popular With Me in Seattle series. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. Visit her atkristenproby.comFacebook ** Twitter ** Goodreads             

Melody Anne
Melody Anne is the New York Times bestselling author of the indie published Billionaire Bachelors series, the Baby for the Billionaire series, and the Surrender series, and she has a new series coming soon from Pocket Books. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Visit her at www.melodyanne.comFacebook ** Twitter ** Goodreads    

Kate Meader
Kate Meader is the author of the sexy new series Hot in Chicago, coming soon from Pocket Books. When not writing she works in an academic library in Chicago. Visit her at www.katemeader.comFacebook ** Twitter ** Goodreads                  

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Baby its Cold Outside

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