Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: Brushing Off the Boss

Brushing Off the Boss
Brushing Off the Boss by Annie Seaton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Brushing off the Boss is a good romance novel with just the right amount of hotness and drama!

The book is well written, with a good story and well developed characters. But, it doesn’t go further than good, I’m afraid. The first half of the book was very good and I strongly believe that the beginning and the end were the best parts of the book. However, somewhere towards the dramatic highlight of the story things got a bit weird. I didn’t like the turn the story made and the characters’ behaviour left me reeling. Sienna, Georgie, their mother and even Jack confused me, because I don’t really understand their way of thinking at that point of the story. It’s not like they acted out of character, but it was indeed peculiar. Plus, some incidents and characters’ behaviours were never explained, like Arielle’s coming and going, Marietta’s decisions about Georgie etc.

Despite that, the book is good. The characters are smart and each one complement the other. Jack and Sienna’s chemistry is off the charts!! I loved how different they are; Jack is relaxed while Sienna is a control freak. They fit perfectly with each other. They challenge each other and their dialogues are very very funny!!

Another fact that I’d like to mention is that book has Jack and Sienna’s POV. The author did a remarkable job at that. I loved her creativity!!!

Scorching Hot Chemistry. Funny Dialogues. Great Characters.
Intriguing Beginning. Incredible Ending.

Brushing off the Book is a good one, but it could be much better. The story has endless potential, since it is really great at its core!

So, 4 Gorgeous Stars go to Brushing off the Boss and Jack and Sienna’s sexy story!

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