Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: Deviation

Deviation by Christine Manzari

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deviation is a spectacular novel with suspense and strong adventurous and romantic elements.
The Sophisticates Series consists of an amazing story and powerful characters which make the series as attractive and addictive as it can be. Furthermore, Christine Manzari is a talented writer whose words flow beautifully and whose creativity knows no bounds.

Deviation is an amazing book and a perfect first book for a book series. It intrigues the readers and provides just the right amount of information to attract them not only to this book but the entire trilogy! ( Yes, the series consists of 3 books; the second book was released few months ago and the third book is currently written!)

The beginning of the book was also excellent! We get to know Cleo’s character very well. In fact, we get to absolutely love her from the very beginning!! She is a rebel, a brilliant rebel, that is; she’s also loyal and strong and funny! She’s actually the best friend anyone could have hoped to have in their lives! She always puts everyone else ahead of her wants and needs, which makes her admirable. She always have a witty retort ready to unleash to her “victims” , which makes her irresistible. She is aware of herself and her abilities in a very humble and decent way, which makes her approachable. She is an excellent character to build a series on! Funny. Brilliant. Beautiful. Selfless. Cautious and a Rebel. A Good Friend. A Witty Girlfriend. That’s our Cleo!

As excellent as the beginning is, nothing compares to the ending! We get an unexpected twist which works as an introduction to the second book. It’s mysterious, dangerous, intriguing and absolutely addictive! Deviation has a spectacular ending and Conviction gets a perfect pre-introduction!

The rest of the characters is brilliantly created, as well. There are so many different characters with different personalities and secrets, which make the story even more mysterious and interesting!!

I don’t mention any spoilers or details regarding the story or the characters, because 1. this book is amazing and you just have to read it and 2. the book has so many twists and turns that I couldn’t possibly mention them or even their summary.

Deviation is a SPECTACULAR read that you MUST NOT MISS!! It’s undoubtedly one of the best books in the genre and one of my favorite book series ever!

Huge Congratulation to the author Christine Manzari for her amazing debut (yes, Deviation is her debut novel!!) !!! We can’t wait to read more about Cleo!

How wonderful it would be, if they turned it to a tv show or a movie!!

So, 5 Huge Golden Sparkling Stars go to Deviation (The Sophisticates #1) which will steal your sanity and blow your minds!

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