Monday, September 15, 2014

Review: Tempting the CEO

Tempting the CEO
Tempting the CEO by Angela Claire

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tempting the CEO is an amazing short novel that will leave you breathless and panting for more!

In fact, I would love another novella that speaks about their future, their family, their lives..I would really like to see Jed a bit jealous..You know, a small fight just to spice things up!

But, anyway…

Angelina is a beautiful, successful and intelligent young woman, who thrives in her professional life.

Jed is a handsome, successful and brilliant man, who feels the loneliness but doesn’t know how to fulfill it.

Their lives crash to one another . Ice and towels may be involved.

It’s one of these dreamy stories that you pray to Heaven and all the Gods to happen to you.

Angelina makes the story to push and pull sort of thing and I loved it.

She’s the kind of woman who believes in and searches intelligence and not beauty or money. In fact, I think she dislikes and ignores them.

Jed is the kind of man who doesn’t give up. He takes what he wants.

Tempting the CEO is a sexy short story that will turn up the heat and never let it down...

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