Sunday, September 22, 2013

Review: Give Me Strength

Give Me Strength
Give Me Strength by Kate McCarthy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Given by the author for her Blog Tour

There are no words to describe how much I adore the Give Me Series..
All the characters are so amazing that make you wanna know everything about them..I fell in love with the first book and I thought I would like the second book but not as much as the first one..You know,first love and all..Boy,was I wrong..

Simple as that..In my opinion,this is a MUST READ..Even if you haven't read the first,this is a fantastic read..But you really should read the first one..

I was extremely lucky to be a beta-reader for it,as well..And it was love at first sight..In fact,I read it in the summer and I have re-read it a couple dozen times..Yes that's true..I'm not kidding..

Kate McCarthy wrote yet another beautiful lovestory,in the middle of suspense,mystery and the internal insecurities that plague us all..

Quinn is so full of life,even if she has no social life..She is just so bright and so very lovely..She endured the inespicable and she's still standing..Some could say,including her,she simply survives every day..In a way that is true..But her light and beautiful soul is so kind,when all she's ever known is heartbreak and pain..

Travis is the lonely guy among the family and friends..The guy who does his job,is a great brother and friend..The one who participates but doesn't quite feels it..Well,that changes when he meets Quinn..He found what was missing..He found her..Of course,Travis being a man and all,he screwed up..Big Time..But,he was forgiven later..I don't blame her..He needed to grovel..a lot..But who can stay mad at those eyes?..Like I said,Quinn is a strong lady..

OK..I will stop my babbling..
The Conclusion is you won't find another book like it..It's alive,flowing with grace and it brings us everything we wanted and more..
Kate,you did it again,girl!!

Oh yeah,and my lovely Kate is currently writing the story about Casey aka Jensen Ackles..xoxo..Woo-Hoo!!..I would like a story about Coby,next..He is like the calm force of nature behind everyone,but we really don't know much about him....

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