Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: Too Fast

Too Fast
Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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By reading the synopsis,I was expecting a normal romantic story of 2 people falling in love too fast..But this book was much more than that..Much more than a simple romantic story...

This story had me constantly in tears while reading it..

Luke is such an amazing guy..Despite the fact he hurt our girl,I can understand is extremely hard to be everything for everyone..So he just broke..It happens to everyone..Yes he is amazing but he is human..Anyway,he made it up for us,in the end..

I just admire him so much..He is selfless and caring and so very romantic..He is the epitome of responsibility and he humbles me..

And Savannah..She is an equally amazing character..She handles 2jobs,university,her friends,her mother and then Luke...She amazes me,because she does it all and doesn't complain at all..She doesn't whine or nag to anyone about anything..And when Luke comes to the picture,she simply takes him in..All the way,no questions asked..

2 completely amazing characters fall for each other too fast but too strongly,as well...

It is a moving story that shows that love can emerge anywhere anyhow to anyone..It shows that love is enough to make it work..We see that dreams and love can coexist with responsibility and real life issues...

We also see that you don't have to be a millionnaire to make super-romantic gestures to make it up for your girl..

Real-life love..That's what this books is all about...And I loved it!

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