Monday, September 23, 2013

Review: In Love by Design

In Love by Design
In Love by Design by Tracy Ellen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Given by the author for an honest review,for her Blog Tour

This is the final book of Anabel and her adventures...

What anyone can say about Anabel..What A Lady!..She may be short,but her spirit is endless..She is probably the most unpredictable and the most fun character out there..

I really enjoyed Anabel...I can actually relate to her a lot..I am as goofy as she is..Literally,I start thinking of one thing and then out of nowhere my mind is completely elsewhere..So,sympathy to my fellow goofy person!..She is always so open and willing to help others without ever earning something in return..She doesn't ask for anything because she always takes it on her own..I love her independence,her strong will,her big heart..

Now Luke..He is a good guy..His well,umm, designs were made for the good reasons ,so don't jump to conclusions and take his head off...Just wait till the end..the very end...He is made for Anabel..No one can affect her like he does..But it goes both ways,as always..She has touched him more than anyone ever did in his own life.....

Anabel is a great role model for young women..She is a strong-willed,good-hearted mesmerizing woman,who loves from her the bottom of her heart and gives it all back..
I'm glad I was part of the Blog Tour for her own final book..

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