Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: Trouble Comes Knocking

Trouble Comes Knocking
Trouble Comes Knocking by Mary Duncanson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Trouble Comes Knocking is smart,mysterious and outrageously addictive!!

>>Lucy is an annoyingly intelligent woman with the kindest heart there is..Yes she is a know-it-all,but she kinda does knows it all..She has a special gift,but she doesn't consider herself special.."I'm just me" is what she said..She is a truly unique person with an intense personality and a keen mind..She is selfless and puts herself on the line for those she cares about,her friends and even people she doesn't know that well..She puts herself out there in an admirable way that may be referred to by some as naive or childish.But I see her a courageous young lady who speaks the truth and calls it the way it is..
The consequences matter to her,but they won't stop her from doing the right thing..Hence,she found a way to be herself in the middle of a series of destructions..

And like most women,she is completely blind to men's reactions..I mean,it was utterly obvious that poor Eli had feelings for her,even though he didn't want to or shouldn't..How could she not see it?The answer is the woman-blindness..It was really fun to read when she finally got it!

>>Eli had us get hot and cold showers at some points..When he gave into her,it was like an explosion of firewords..But when he took off to the opposite direction, it was like "Umm What just happened?"..He is really a very straightforward guy,most of the time..Whenever he isn't,it's probably because you'll see Lucy around him!..He is very reliable and someone you can count on..

He may hold his career very high(you'll know what I mean when you read it!),but it is completely understandable..

Plus, if the book ended in a different manner, we wouldn't be begging for a sequel now,would we?

Trouble Comes Knocking is a smart,funny full of romantance,mystery and adventures!!
It's like Nancy Drew but a million times better!!
You can't go wrong with buying this book.I promise!

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