Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Tease

Tease by Missy Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tease is an amazing erotica book! I loved it!!! It deserves every one of the 5 stars I’ve given it!
Missy Johnson has created a brilliant story that is so different and oh so very hot but sweet at the same time!!

There’s not a book out there that is similar to this one and I LOVED that fact..

The story is so well written that ..damn!..It is true and it feels that way..It really feels so damn real..The way Liam sees the world..The way he acts and thinks..Everything feels so real..
The way Missy has written this story has no precedent! It’s sometimes difficult to write a male POV and especially an entire book..It’s not very common, either..Like I said, everything about this book is unique..

I started this review by saying that it’s an amazing erotica book..The “special” scenes in it are HOT and SEXY and incredibly detailed..And yes the book has many of those scenes..But Tease is not all about those scenes..They play a vital role, but they’re not the book itself..The book itself is centered around Liam..And Liam is worth reading, Ladies!! Not just because everything about him screams sex..But because of who he is..Who Liam is..Not who Coop the escort is and how he pleases women..When you read the book, you’ll understand better what I’m saying..

So our main character is Liam Cooper aka Coop. He is a male escort..I really don’t want to spoil any fun so I’m going to try as both vague and accurate as I can..You would think that being paid for having sex, it would be fun for a man..Well it’s not always that way..It sometimes is even dangerous and fatal..Oh yeah..He also has a heart of gold..He is a family man and is devoted to his all the way……

It’s really fun to see an experienced sex-God aka male escort aka Coop lose his cool entirely..And well he loses it, when he’s around Mia who was the first to…..(You may be a little surprised about the rest of that sentence xoxo)

And of course Mia is Liam’s girl..And she is awesome..Yes I am biased due to her name..But she really is awesome!

In conclusion, please go and one-click this book, because it’s really great!! It’s like the erotica version of Tangled by Emma Chase…

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