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Eye Telling by Maja Flak :The Blog Tour

Katherine Newheart is engaged to her dull fiancé, Matthew O'Connor, who's just been made a partner in Katherine’s father’s law firm.
When she meets The Boy alias Benjamin Riley, everything changes. Katherine tries to hold back, keep her usual control but it fails because Benjamin is everything that Matthew isn’t and that makes him everything that Katherine needs and wants. He awakes her in more ways than one. Katherine ends all tangled up in a steamy hot and passionate love affair with Benjamin. She tries to break if off with Matthew but all of a sudden, he turns into a complete monster and starts being violent towards her, threatening her about some fatal information he has about her family. Katherine can’t stay away from Benjamin, even though she’s perfectly aware that she might jeopardize it all but her love for Benjamin is strong, stronger than her own control. 

But how strong is Katherine's control when it all comes down to it? Is the passionate love between her and Benjamin enough for her to start doing things just for her or will she end up in her controlling way again?

My Review:
Another book I felt ambivalent about..You know, this never used to happen to me until very recently..But while writing the review, I think I made up my mind...
In my opinion, Eye Telling is a very different book with very complicated characters. Even after reading the whole book and thinking over it, I still don’t feel like I really know the characters. Perhaps that is because they don’t know themselves yet. Yeah that’s probably it.
>>Katherine is so peculiar..On the one hand, she seems very obnoxious, proud, even arrogant and quite judgmental. On the other hand, she often seems like she doesn’t give a damn about her wealth and the “status” other people have. She’s kind and sweet. But especially in the beginning she was very uhh snob and very spoiled. She thinks too much about what others may think about looking perfect and so on. However, I think it’s because of how she grew up. As the book kept going, there were moments when I said “ OK girl get off your high horse”..I even agreed with her (she has some valid points about having a clean house and smoking!) But she could put it more delicately. What I didn’t like was her reaction to Matthew’s abuse. No woman should suffer abuse. I don’t care if the dad loses his license or if she loses money or anything at all. Abuse is unacceptable and I really believed that she would kick him to hell, once he did it. She disappointed me a lot then.
But I think her final decision was the right one. When you read it, you’ll know what I mean. When people don’t have clear minds, nothing good comes out of it. Ever. I think Katherine will surprise us in the next book in a very positive way. I surely hope so anyway!
>>Ben is predictable and unpredictable at the same time. And no I’m not insane. He is! Let me explain..His reaction to abuse was predictable..Many victims who have suffered from abuse act the way he does. I’m not going to say any more about that..You should read it!..However, his character is somewhat unpredictable..There were moments when I didn’t believe it was him..Like a lie here and there..Or should I call it omission of the truth? It’s up to you, I guess..I think he hasn’t told much yet..
Regarding all the other characters except Katherine’s employees and maybe Ben’s friends, I have to state they are unlikeable..Meaning they’re infuriating and mean and live in their own bubble..
In conclusion, I liked the book..It’s well written and Maja shows that she has strong potential. I will definitely be waiting for the sequel!! I want to know what these characters will do next, because the ending left me SPEECHLESS.

Good job, Maja!

Author bio:
Hello, as you probably know already, my name is Maja. I’m 28 years old and live in Denmark.
I want to share a little bit about myself and my private life because I want to stay true to who I am and that’s being open and honest.I’m a single mom to my precious son, Tobias. He’s my blessing and teacher in life – that may sound a little weird but he’s shown me so much, thanks to him, I’ve learned how to fight and to keep on fighting. You see, my son is very sick from some unknown illness and doctors have given up but I haven’t and I will never ever give up.

Last year I read the Fifty Shades book series and loved it, obviously who didn’t?! Anyways, it got me thinking that maybe I should start writing again and let my imagination run wild. I started writing on another story, actually, from a man’s perspective but then Eye Telling came creeping in my mind and I started writing on that instead because I wanted to create a story where the lead male character isn’t a rich and career-minded man in an expensive designer suit but instead a regular but HOT guy who’s not as fortunate. He has a youthful clothing style and tattoos. He had a hell of a childhood but his ‘demons’ isn’t standing in the way of him wanting to be with Katherine (the lead female character).
In this story Katherine is the one who can’t seem to commit.I never thought it would develop into a full length novel, but somehow it did and I’m so proud to have published my very own romance. It’s been a sweet escape for a sometimes rough everyday life and I can’t wait to share more of my stories.

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