Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: Infinite Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities
Infinite Possibilities by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If I say that I was waiting on fire for this book, it would be an understatement.

I was very lucky to receive an arc of the first book of The Secret Life Of Amy Bensen : Escaping Reality..And I loved it!!..I have reread it countless times and over the months between the 2 books, I cannot tell you how many times I imagined myself reading the second book..All the Infinite Possibilities about Liam and Amy’s past..

Infinite Possibilities is AMAZING!!!!

It answered many questions we had..It created even more throughout the book and the ending threw me for a loop..And once more we wait..

No matter how much I hate waiting for the sequels, I can’t help but think that these months I spent waiting were worth it..Absolutely!

It has it all…Mystery..Romance..Erotica..Hotness and Love..Answers and Questions..Sadness and Joy..Closure on the one hand and missing something (someone) on the other hand..

>>Amy showed us who she really is in this book..We saw her awakening..We saw her wanting and fighting for her life..for the truth..For Liam..For herself..For the people she loves..Something that Liam said stuck with me..He said something like this :” I don’t care what your name is..I know I love you “..You see, names and DNA aren’t important..The soul, the heart, the character..They are the ones who matter..They are the ones who inspire love..They are the ones that are loved by someone..

And in this book, I feel that we saw Amy..

But we also saw Liam!

>>In the first book, Liam may have seemed as mysterious..We weren’t sure how much we could trust him..In this book, Oh My!..We saw him like never before..His persistence..His love more than anything..His devotion..
If I had to use one phrase to describe him, it would be hopelessly and utterly devoted to Amy !!
And I feel in love with him once more..

The Secret Life of Amy Bensen is one the greatest series out there..It’s addictive. It’s hot. It’s loving.

It has it all

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