Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: Take Me Home for Christmas

Take Me Home for Christmas
Take Me Home for Christmas by Brenda Novak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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I would like to start with this statement:
“I just finished the book, literally few minutes ago…And I’m still reeling and feeling more than overwhelmed!”

Judging by the title, someone would expect a sweet novel about 2 people falling in love etc..Generally, you would expect a fairytale. In reality, it was nothing but that..

Take me home for Christmas is simply outstanding. There are no other words to describe this novel..It is intense and emotional..It speaks to your heart…..Brenda Novak’s writing is impeccable! I could literally feel the pain, the despair and all the emotions that plagued the characters..Needless to say that I read the book within 2 hours..No break whatsoever..I may have left a dent on my bed, since I didn’t move an inch!

I knew that Brenda is a great author and the story seemed solid..But even now, I feel tears in my eyes just by thinking what Sophia went through, how she handled everything..Take me home for Christmas left me very emotional…It’s ludicrous how good this novel is..

>>Sophia is such a misunderstood person. She’s had a hard life and she hid it from everybody..No one knew her personal hell, because she didn’t let it..Until now, I couldn’t justify alcoholism as a coping mechanism..Now I have to say I understand..Living like that..Hearing all those things..Yes she had money but she didn’t have her life..She only had her daughter..One mistake almost destroyed her life..

Oh my..I’m trying to write sentences that actually make sense. But it’s getting all the more difficult..Books often affect me deeply..More deeply than it should, sometimes..But this book really took me by surprise..Even now I cannot believe how hard it is to write things that actually make sense, because my mind is still stuck in Sophia and Lex and Ted and Skip and their little town..

>>Ted is such a sweetheart..Don’t let his first comments fool you..Even though it’s crystal clear that he is an honorable man..Honorable but hurt..I love what he stands for! A person who falls in love only once..A man who has ever loved one woman..

You know what?..I’m giving up on trying to come up with sane sentences..I’m closing this up, going back to my book and reread it..


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